Magic Wands - RELOADED

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Hey you! Yes, you! Do you remember the mod MagicWands?
It was my favourite mod in 1.8 with 476 downloads! So, I decided to update it into 1.14.4 with new functionalities and new updates.
Some things are going to be different from the original mod... if you want to see the original 1.8 mod, go to this address :

First, we have new items, to craft wands and armors :
Ice Cane :
Can be rarely found in all the biomes where you can find ice because it grows on ice.
ice cane

Ice Paper :
ice paper

Ice Star :
Yes it is expensive, but it's because wands from this mod are cheated and allow you to do anything so...
ice star

Then, we have the wands :
Ice Wand :
Allows, on rightclick, to spawn a 3x3 ice area under your feet.

Electric Wand :
Allows, on block rightclick, to summon a lightningbolt.

Glass Wand :
Allows, on rightclick, to spawn a 3x3 glass area under your feet.

Fire Wand :
Allows, on block rightclick, to spawn a lava source.

Water Wand :
Allows, on block rightclick, to spawn a water source.

Teleportation Wand :
Allows, on block rightclick, to teleport on it.

Finally, we have magic boots!
Snow Queen's Boots :
With an activation key (N by default, and if you wear the boots of course), a 3x3 special ice area will spawn under your feet (like Ice Wand) but this ice will disappear after 5 seconds.
snow queens boots
snow queens boots effect1
snow queens boots effect2
snow queens boots key activation

Fire Boots :
With an activation key (B by default, and if you wear the boots of course), a 3x3 fire square will form at your feet, and you'll be given a fire resistance potion effect at the same time.
fire boots
fire boots effect
fire boots activation key

To-Do List :

- None.

Upcoming in next update :
- None.

Bugs :

- None.

- Minecraft (then Mojang/Microsoft) for making the game that changed the history of games.
- MCreator (then Pylo) for making this awesome mod-builder.
- Blockbench team, for their awesome 3D model maker.
- Everyone that helped and/or supported me.

You are free to include this mod in your modpack. Credit is not required but appreciated. If you want, I can link your modpack here.

Modification files
MagicWands 1.0.0.jar - Magic Wands 1.0.0100.6 KB
MagicWands 1.1.0.jar - Magic Wands 1.1.0115.99 KB

Version 1.0.0 :
- Added Ice Cane
- Added Ice Paper
- Added Ice Star
- Added Ice Wand
- Added Electric Wand
- Added Glass Wand
- Added Fire Wand
- Added Water Wand
- Added Snow Queen's Boots
- Added Fire Boots

Version 1.1.0 :
- Added Teleportation Wand
- Modified Ice Wand model
- Modified Electric Wand model
- Modified Glass Wand model
- Modified Fire Wand model
- Modified Water Wand model

Thanks for sharing suggestions! First update was almost 100% identical to my 1.8 mod version, so now I'll be able to change and add things such as teleportation wand, or as you said, improve the wand textures. Don't hesitate to come back when a new version will be released!