Infused Stones Mod

Published by tbroski on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 20:32
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Infused Stones by Shocking Artist

Thanks to ShockingArtist for the Logo/Banner.


Have you tried the modpacks, Thaumcraft, Pixelmon, and/or Morph mod?

And have they been too confusing, complicated, or heavy on your computer system?

Infused Stones add stones that can be made similar to Thaumcraft!

Infused Stones are the embodiment of a mob's soul, and can be made by infusing a stone with that mob's soul!

Infused Stones also adds a slot to the vanilla inventory, with Curios support;

Extra Slot in Vanilla Inventory

The slot is used, in conjunction with the stone infusing keybind [R], to give the player the correlating stone power in the slot!


How to capture a mob?

To capture a mob, all you have to do, is either throw a vanilla chest at an entity; or right-click on an entity with a vanilla chest!

Its that simple :D

Here is a gif of me capturing a Creeper!

Visit this link,

Mirror Link


How to create a stone?

To create a stone, you first need to create a empty stone. Here is the recipe;

Empty Stone crafting recipe

Infused Dust, surrounded by Infused Stone.


How to get Infused Dust?

To get Infused Dust, all you have to do is throw a sugar item by a creeper. The creeper will then walk to the sugar, and may say 3 things in chat;

<Creeper> I like you...

This means the Creeper successfully dropped the Infused Dust.


<Creeper> I'll use this for myself...

This means the Creeper ate the sugar and became CHARGED!


<Creeper> You ask me for to much!...

This means that the Creeper was already asked to infuse the sugar recently! The Creeper is now angry, and, CHARGED!

Image of Creeper walking towards sugar;

Creeper walking to Sugar


Now that you have Infused Dust, you can start making infused stones!

First, you will need an Infusion Heart, this is the recipe;

Infusion Heart Recipe

Once created, you can start making items using this block!

First you have to initiate it, to initiate it you will need 4 vanilla cobblestone, and 4 sea lanterns! Then put them in this form!

Ritual Setup

If you see enchanting particles, it indicates it is in the correct setup!

As seen in the photo, the Infusion Heart can hold 1 item. Most recipes consist of right-clicking the Infusion Heart with a specific item, while the Infusion Heart is holding a specific item. The output item, will then be put in the "slot". Here is a blank template;

Blank Recipe Template


How to get Infused Stone?

To get Infused Stone all you have to do, is right-click the Infusion Heart holding vanilla Stone with Infused Dust.

Recipe below;

Infused Stone Recipe


Like said before, now you can create your first infused stone!

You can create infused stones using the Infusion Heart, by infusing a mobs soul with an empty stone;

Recipe for Empty Stone;

Empty Stone recipe

Infused Dust, surrounded by Infused Stone.

1. Explosion Stone

This stone, gives the player extra knockback to entities when fighting with melee weapons.

This stone, also gives the player SUPER JUMP! To super jump, hold crouch for 4 seconds!


Explosion Stone Recipe

Empty Stone, infused with a Creeper Entity.

Super Jump in-game picture;

Super Jump in game


2. Teleportation Stone

This stone, allows the player to TELEPORT! To teleport, crouch and right-click!


Teleportation Stone Recipe


Empty Stone, infused with an Enderman Entity.

3. Light Stone

This stone, allows the player to GLIDE! To glide, crouch in the air!


Light Stone Recipe

Empty Stone, infused with a Chicken Entity.

Gliding in air pic;

Gliding in Air, Nether


4. Swiftness Stone

This stone, allows the player to DOUBLEJUMP! To double jump, just jump in the air!

This stone, also gives the player the effects, Speed, Jump Boost, and Haste with the amplifier 2!


Swiftness Stone Recipe

Empty Stone, infused with a Cat Entity.


5. Possession Stone

This stone, allows the player to CONTROL ANY MOB! To control any mob (included modded ones), just right-click the entity!

This stone, also allows the player to use that mobs special function (if applicable)! Just crouch + right-click!

Supported Entities;

Creeper - Explode

Enderman - Teleport Randomly

Skeleton - Shoot Bow

Spider - Climb Walls

Any flying mob - Flight

Any water mob - Water Breathing



Possession Stone Recipe

Empty Stone, infused with a Wandering Trader Entity.

Possession picture in game;

Possesion in game



Extra notes you should know!

The stone you have shows on your back!


Stone Rendering on Player


There is an indicator that your stone is infused, if this doesn't show, make sure you press your stone infusing keybind, default [R].

You can only use the stone's power if you are infused!

Image of notification (the notification will vary depending on the stone in your inventory);


The notification appears in the top left!




Extra extra notes!

Although this mod was very fun to make! I don't believe I will do any more updates, besides some bugs (leave them below). This mod was mostly me, an average coder, witnessing how MCreator generates the code and trying to work with MCreators generated code to make a wonderful mod quick.

This mod took me 3 days, and I think that was most thankful to MCreators generated code. I would have MCreator generate me a base class, something to start on, then I would lock it and do some advanced codes.

This mod is server friendly, as the code is textbook, so if you get any errors, please leave them below and I will fix them ASAP.

This mod has Curios and JEI (Just Enough Items) support. I do have a tutorial about JEI API integration, see the link below;


I will not do a tutorial about custom slots. Due to mostly the complexity, in total it is about 9 classes.

If I do any more updates though, here are my plans;

Clone Stone - Spawns 5 clones of the player, who do small damage and have the same skin and weapons as the player. Created with a Slime Entity.

Gravity Stone - Allows the player to move blocks with gravity, and maybe flight----I don't know...


Leave comments below if you have any questions/suggestions/whatever!

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Make it have compatabilty with all mods with new mobs and I’ll do this

Awesome mod (what else to expect from an expert like you) :D A really nice demonstration of how to use MCreator as a generator for the base :)

A side note, please remove the hotbar from the picture as our terms of use do not allow it for the main picture for esthetical reasons ;) Thanks!

Wow! Very cool mod and concept! I have one question: how can I make a custom inventory slot and item in it will render on player? Can you make a tutorial?

Cool mod, I think it's a lot more balanced than mods like Morph which let you turn into any mob by simply defeating it

I love this mod !!
if you want ideas, here are some:
- silverfish - hide from enemies in a stone-type block if you are standing on one
- vex - phase through blocks
- evoker - summon evocation fangs and vexes
- cave spider - use venom on an opponent
- cow - remove status effects
- sheep - absorb damage, heal by eating grass
- blaze - set blocks on fire
- snow golem - cover blocks with snow
- wither skeleton - wither an opponent
- ghast - shoot fireballs
- shulker - levitate an opponent

Those are actually great ideas!! And I would probably do them 🤗😁👍!! However, I can not say for certain there will be an update. Because this is more of me learning how MCreator generates its code. So no updates in sight for now, because I am working on another mod.

However, due to it's simple concept that I love!! After my main mod is created, I may do a remake or extension, possibly with MCreator.