KinyoshiMods (New Ores, Tools, Armors, and More)

Published by Kinyoshi on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 08:21
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This mod adds new plants with various fuctions and a set of ores that can be crafted into tools and armor ranging from Iron to above diamond, the ores can also be crafted into decoration blocks with the stonecutter. It also has an explosive ore, a new petrified chert biome, and a chert dimension where a special salt grows that you can craft corn nuts from which have a range of powers that stand as a kind of potions substitute, the corn nut being crafted by one chert salt, 2 redstone, 2 glowstone, and 4 wheat seeds for the base that you need to combine with the various items to get the final cookable nut, then cook in the smoker. It would be good to watch the spotlight video below by KaedenCraft to get an idea of how the recipes work with this mod.

There are a few extra items in the Creative tabs.. These items are used for different spawn areas, being layer or dimension specific..


to test biome and ores: (normal minecraft worldgen) default biome size  -7121656277195111733

to test desert stuff: (normal minecraft worldgen) large biome size  1557330726

Modification files
KinyoshiMods 1.1.1-1.15.2.jar - KinyoshiMods 1.1.1- MB
KinyoshiMods 1.1.1-1.14.4.jar - KinyoshiMods 1.1.1- MB
KinyoshiMods 1.1.2-1.12.2.jar - KinyoshiMods 1.1.2- MB
KinyoshiMods 1.1.2SE-TEST-1.12.2.jar - KinyoshiMods 1.1.2SE-TEST- MB

1.1.2SE-TEST for 1.12.2

It should work just fine though, I just wanted you guys to have the fixes sooner than later :).

Please check beck every now and then for future updates.

removed unnecessary creative mode items
fixed some things with the growable plants
fixed some things with the other plants
changed some of my mushrooms lighting levels to fix chert dimension lighting problem
fixed black chert items to use black chert texture instead of red chert
miscellaneous fixes

1.1.1 (for 1.12.2 version 1.1.2)
dwarf sweet berry bushes now drop only one berry instead of three
added update notification for 1.14.4 and 1.15.2, it won't work for me for 1.12.2 sorry

added normal, golden, enchanted apple, and a new sapling items drops to petrified chert ore blocks
added new petrified fruit, yummy
added new robomango fruit, even yummier
added petrified chert sapling as rare drop from petrified chert ore
added tall mushrooms to surface world
added new big boom mushroom
now you can craft exploding mushrooms with redstone and gunpowder to get a touch sensitive version
fixed normal exploding mushroom double drop, i think
changed chert salt plant to hurt you because it's pointy
changed golden melon corn nut name to match vanilla name
changed rabbits foot corn nut name to match vanilla name
removed golden apple corn nuts due to vanilla item being more powerful
removed enchanted golden apple corn nuts due to vanilla item being more powerful
changed pumpkin, beetroot, and melon corn nuts to use the fruit instead of the seeds
made petrified chert ore a fuel like petrified wood ore
added some surface ore spawn
touched up unstable chert explosion procedure a bit
actually added chert ores to dimension, oopsy :D
misc behind the scenes fixes
for 1.12.2 and 1.14.4 added honeycomb plant so the corn nut had something to do
for 1.12.2 fixed the dried kelp drop problem for petrified kelp
for 1.12.2 added dwarf sweetberry so the corn nut had something to do
for 1.12.2 the version 1.1.0m fixes the big exploding mushroom to drop the right thing... sorry for the mess up
for 1.12.2 the version 1.1.1 fixes other missing corn nut items and all missing crafting and cooking recipes

made normal corn nut negate potion effects
removed smelting recipe for carbonized wood and chert, use of the blast furnace for carbonized wood and chert only
added recipe to switch around petrified wood block (may remove though, to make sideways more rare)
touched up a few textures
fixed desert grass plant to actually grow in the desert and not the plains
for 1.12.2 made compatible

faux stable chert was meant to explode, so I fixed it
changed some of the ore spawn rate
some other behind the scenes fixes
the chert dimension wasn't supposed to spawn you back in it after death, oops, fixed that too
for 1.15.2 added honeycomb corn nut recipe

completely overhauled corn nuts
completely overhauled ores
completely overhauled armor
completely overhauled weapons and tools
completely overhauled blocks and their crafting
added a bunch of plants
added a few new foods
overhauled biome
added new dimension
(anything else I didn't mention)

made a combination mod of my old mods from the old days

1.0.0 definitive update!! Revamped the whole thing, get ready!!

I switched your pictures as the old one had a white background which is not allowed in our mod page guidelines.