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Published by The_Pamps on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 05:28
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A small mod that adds 10 new items, including a blank cassette and 9 new music discs.


The blank cassette is used to craft the 9 coloured cassettes, which function as new music discs.


The blank cassette is a rare drop from zombies. In order to put a song on the cassette, simply mix the cassette with a dye. I recommend using JEI for the recipes.


The tracks are:


Emlyn - Insomnolent

Emlyn - Overcast

Emlyn - Going Beyond

Emlyn - Self-Reflection

Emlyn - Contemplation

Emlyn - Men on the Moon

heliogram - We Are The Ones Who Convert Mind To Matter

Silencerized - Stalagmites

Silencerized - Fangs


All of the cassettes function as music discs and are used on the jukebox.




Music: Emlyn, heliogram, Silencerized

Item Sprites: Enderking115

Develepment: The Pamps


And of course MCreator for once again being an amazing tool.



Note: due to the file size of the mod (34mb) I am unable to upload this mod directly, as such you can download it from the CurseForge link here:

Modification files - Contains text document with link to CurseForge page199 bytes

Maybe make a broken Cassette that whenever you put it in a jukebox it blows up