Adatita Items: The Ziagona Update! 1.6.4 v1.2

Published by matias1300 on Sat, 02/01/2014 - 06:15
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This is my first mod.

*Im spanish modder, i use google traductor to write this LOL,my english is bad D:

Adatita Items Mod v1.2


*Added Ziagona Ore

*Added Ziagona (Mineral)

*Added Ziagona Sword

*Added Ziagona Pickaxe

*Added ZIiagona Axe

*Added Ziagona Spade

*Added Ziagona Block

*Added Ziagona Armor

*Added Adatita Block

Bug list:

*Adatita ore & Ziagona ore can be mine by hand and all pickaxes (wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond) {WIP}


This mod add:


*4 new blocks

*2 new ores (Adatita and Ziagona)

*2 new Swords

*6 New Tools (axe, pickaxe, spade)

*An update of Adatita pickaxe (Ultra pickaxe: Can break Anything, except bedrock)

*2 Armor sets

*Divine plains biome

*2 new comands (WIP)

*Add Emerald Guardian (mob)



2 redstone block + 2 diamond block + gold block + emerald + Adatita Pickaxe

NOTE: The Ziagona Armor is more strong comparated with  the Adatita Armor, that explain the emerald  block :D

Note: The Ziagona Armor is more strong comparated whit Adatita Armor

All YouTuber´s have permissions to make a review video of this mod. But paste a link in the description video to this page. And give me the credit for create this mod. :D

To see the recipes in-game use NEI mod or CraftGuide mod

*-If you encounter a bug, please post in the comments-*


Adatita Items Mod v1.2.1 for Minecraft 1.6.4

Modification files - Adatita Items Mod v1.2 Click to download146.74 KB

Now im working in the achevement bugs and armor durability, when repair this bugs, im post the v1.1

Good Work on making Popular Mod! I hope your mod continues to grow and adds in alot of new stuff in later updates. good luck.

Thanks to all the people, this is my first mod and i working in a expansion AdatitaItems: Nether expansion
And RevengeMLGpro you can make a review, but in english language :D

Now im working in a new ore, tools and armor, coming soon in update v1.2