Al114s Car Mod

Published by Al114 on Wed, 04/08/2020 - 18:03
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Welcome to Al114s Car mod! With 36 elements!

bug fixes have been made:

-mangager spawns in station

-command to spawn station has been made

this is a link to a youtube series that one of my friends made using minecraft infinity, the advanced redstone mod 2, the far lands mod, and al114s car mod.


!Warning this mod contains unstable cars that have not been tested by minecraft pros!

don't listen to that silly warning up there this mod contains highly stable, race compatible, and speedy cars!

the cars come in all the different elements of minecraft (wood, stone, iron, diamond, and gold)

to make a car simply make a wheel (which can be made from gears traded by the gas station guy). then make a engen which can be made using 5 iron ingots and a redstone block. then get the material of the needed car (wood, stone, Iron, diamond, or gold) and a glass pane then put all the ingredients on the crafting grid and boom! you have made a nice old car! 

But what can I do with the car? you may ask. Well you can drive in it like any normal car crashing through hills and buildings without a care in the world. you can also make a nice racetrack and compete with your friends! (you can also crash into one and other making the cars take damage) and if that is not enough you can make a nice city with concrete blocks, road blocks, and one other block!

So go on and race!


Modification files
Minecraft Car Mod.jar - In this racing mod you can Fight, Race, and Show off your awesome cars!163.11 KB
Minecraft Car mod (bug fixes).jar - bug fixes!170.01 KB