Carbonated Drinks

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This is the carbonated drinks mod! You are able to make a carbonater (Which is made with 6 iron ingots and 1 iron nugget) And can make a bottle (5 sticks and a plank), fill up the bottle in a cauldron, and make different type of sodas, like Conta-Cola, or Popsi! 

Ok but this mod is pretty basic. Put filled bottles in carbonater, put dye in bottle, and you have soda. Why do I want soda, you might ask. Soda has low hunger, but really high saturation. 2 bottles fill up your entire saturation. A single bottle will fill up half. So yea its pretty good. All the recipes use dye to craft them, except for one which uses cocoa beans. Try juggling with a few until you find a soda. (Note: This mod is currently in beta, so expect a few problems. If you'd like me to add any sodas, ask me in the comments, and I'll see if it's worth adding.)

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