The Ancient Forest

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The Ancient Forest is a mod that intends to add a new dimension to Minecraft: The Ancient Forest it features completely new biomes, mobs and more. The mod is currently in early alpha so some features are missing like new hostile mobs. The vanilla mobs in the custom biomes are mostly placeholders for until I create my own mobs. The official 1.0 release will happen once I feel it is good enough to survive in but it won't be easy. There will be new structures, bosses and more including new weapons but the stuff listed is most likely not in it yet or incomplete. The best part is it will work with both 1.12.2 and 1.14.4 and I will add an organised description once 1.0 releases and new potion effects. Oh I forgot to mention, there will be a progression system which requires advancements and upon loading a world you should get a ancient teleporter which when placed down and right clicked you will arrive in the ancient forest and unless you have keepinventory on than don't bring valuables to the ancient forest since there is a bug where you arrive underground near bedrock. I will try to fix the issue and if I did it right you should be able to sleep there at night but it still will be night time since it is not the normal world. 

The Ancient Forest will eventually be home to a lot of mobs right now just vanilla mobs and muddy pigs and muddy chickens. I created the muddy chicken since in the ancient forest there is a biome that is full of mud blocks. For now there is no custom creative tab but in 1.0 there should be. Have fun :) also you can use any of my mods in modpacks. 

Also I will update to 1.15 all I have to do is add the tower. Note: 1.15 version is late because I am creating models for mobs. 

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The changelog will only be edited after 1.0 and 1.0 will be the 1.15 release. :)

I will update the mod shortly to add a tower that holds the teleporter back to the overworld it will be done before a week

I am sorry that the update is late it’s going to be a big update. 1.15, new biomes, mobs, and thats all I am finished so far. I will add the beta really soon