The Ancient Forest

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Also 1.1 is out. Also as with all of my mods you can use it in any modpack.

Upcoming Features: saplings, and a new boss and more mobs and a use for hardened ancientstone (originally called darkstone) and ents (living trees). More biomes are also coming.

Tips: Before finding the ghost king you need the following to have a good chance of winning; a least some diamond armor or iron armor(preferably diamond), lots of food, torches, some weapons, and most likely a few golden apples. And if possible some potions; slow falling, strength or regeneration also if possible a boomerang. If you don't have a boomerang a bow will work but boomerangs are way better.

Mobs: - Ghosts; have the same health as a zombie and fly around. - Ghost King, a boss with around the health of a wither and shoots boomerangs, a new ranged item, at his targets also has pretty good aim with his boomerang. The ghost king is very powerful I tried to speedrun the mod and without full diamond and the ghost king does like 3 hearts even with full steel armor. 

Crafting and ores:

Tba in 1.16

Modification files
AncientForest 1.1.jar - V 1.1: revamped the ghost mansion, added mangrove wood and more444.87 KB

alpha 0.1:

-added corrupted/ancient wood types.

-added custom biomes.


-added steel

-added Ghost King boss.

-added boomerangs

-added more crafting recipes

-added wither totems

-added darkstone.

-fixed trees not generating properly.

1.0 bug fix patch 1:

-fixed issue where it is impossible to get the portal item in survival.

1.1 pre 1:

- renamed darkstone to hardened ancientstone since Raolcraft has a block called darkstone :)

- hopefully fixed mob spawning in infernal and ancient swamp biomes.

1.1 pre 2:

- added more crafting recipes and added fence gates. The crafting recipes are for corrupted wood so it can now actually craft crafting tables and more.

- added ancient coal ore 

- steel can now be used to craft shields

- added liquid mud 

- added doors for the wood types

- Known Bugs:

- for some reason liquid mud is not infinite since a 2 by 2 area won't work to duplicate it for some reason.

I will update the mod shortly to add a tower that holds the teleporter back to the overworld it will be done before a week

I am sorry that the update is late it’s going to be a big update. 1.15, new biomes, mobs, and thats all I am finished so far. I will add the beta really soon

I am just building the structure. It is taking forever. I hope it looks okay. It is now a huge house. it will have good loot including the overworld teleporter. 1.15 version is about to be finished. I just need to add a new block and mobs also a boss! The boss will guard the overworld teleporter and there will be a lot of mobs :D

I am doing a good job at the structure but how do I send an image to show you????

I think you could call this boss originally/original :) I can not write well in English