Better Caving

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Are you tired of the same 6 different types of stone (Stone, Netherrack, End Stone, Diorite, Andesite, Granite)?

Are you tired the same 8 different types of ores (Iron, Coal, Diamond, Gold, Emerald, Redstone, Lapis, Quartz)?

You need more of both, don't you?

You've come to the right mod.

2 different types of stone, Blackstone and Terranite, both complete with smooth variants and walls/slabs/stairs!

And get ready for this, 15 different gems/dust/ingots, Sulfur, Sapphire, Topaz, Malachite, Moonstone, Barium [just realized it's a real thing, this one isn't], Ruby, Ignitite, Rubitite, Sulphire, Xantium, Undarium, Dilactite, Udonite, and Aldite!

3 of them have recipes: Barium is made of Malachite and Moonstone, Rubitite is made of Ruby and Ignitite, and Sulphire is made of Sapphire and Sulfur.

The sulfur block has a massive explosion when mined, be careful!

A new biome, the Roofed Savanna!

A new sand, sandmarine, which has a chance of dropping prismarine!

A new item, the pocket conduit, which has the effects of a conduit but it only needs to be in your inventory to give you the conduit effect!

Ignitite only spawns in lava, be careful mining it!

Ignitite smelts for 4 times longer than coal, and the ignitite block smelts up to 360 items!

Rubitite armor gives you fire resistance!

A new light source, the malachite lamp!

Blackstone can make bricks!

Have fun mining!

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Better Caving.jar - The first version of the mod, already with over 200 elements!687.12 KB