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MetalCraft is a mod that adds metals and tools, but also processing and clever recipes.


Metal Blocks: Blocks of Titanium and Steel, 9 Ingots each.

Crusher: A block for processing materials down by smashing them.

Alloyer: Uses lava buckets to smelt two materials into one.

Salt Cluster: Can be found at the bottom of the ocean or in waterlogged caves.


Sodium Ingot: When in water, explodes.

Uranium Ingot: Holding it in your inventory causes radioactive damage. Non-stackable

Depleted Uranium Ingot: Used in tools.

Titanium Ingot: Used in recipes, armor, and tools.

Steel Ingot: Used in armor and tools.

Graphite Dust: Used in a recipe and to make steel.


Crusher: [[Cobblestone, Iron Block, Cobblestone],[Cobblestone, Redstone Block, Cobblestone],[Cobblestone, Graphite Dust, Cobblestone]]

Alloyer: [[Cobblestone, Cobblestone, Cobblestone][Nothing, Graphite Dust, Nothing][Cobblestone, Cobblestone, Cobblestone]]

Graphite Dust: Diamond in Crusher

Steel Ingot: Smelt Pig Iron Ingot

Pig Iron Ingot: Iron Ingot and Graphite Dust in Crusher

Titanium Ingot: Titanium ore needs to be smelted 5 times instead of 1

Depleted Uranium Ingot: Use a Uranium Ingot as fuel in a furnace

Sodium Ingot: Salt Cluster in Crusher

White Dye: Titanium Nugget

As in Ex Nihilo, the crusher also crushes Cobblestone into Gravel and Gravel into Sand

To Be Added

Please Upvote, I'll only add these things if I know it's worth my time.


More Crusher recipes

Hopefully another metal that requires alloying

Any suggestions can go into the comments, I'd love to hear feedback.


Modification files
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  • Mod Uploaded


  • Made Uranium Ingots non-stackable to avoid items disappearing