Published by hoylecake on Wed, 06/16/2021 - 03:58
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A mod I made for my boyfriend. Adds a new ore, and fairly over powered atomizers and de atomizers into the game, along with many other machines and mechanisms.

This mod is mostly a W.I.P. and is going to have a lot more features in the near future.

  • Ingot Atomizer - 8 nordict ingots and 1 redstone. Can turn 1 nordict ingot into 1 stone, and 5 nordict ingots into one iron ingot. Using it requires energy quarks.
  • Ingot De-Atomizer - 8 redstone and 1 nordict ingot. Can turn 1 stone into 1 nordict ingot, and 1 iron ingot into 5 nordict ingots. The reverse of the atomizer.
  • Ingot Shrinker - converts nordict ingots into 2 quarks.
  • Combinator - combine quarks with powder to create special quarks such as energy quarks. Quarks quarks quarks.
  • Energy Powder/Energy Plant - find these and harvest them to obtain energy powder, which can be used to create energy quarks.
  • Quark - secondary output of the ingot atomizer. Is a very useful material and can hopefully be used to trade with villagers in a future update.
  • Quark Wrench - an important crafting item.

What is planned:

  • Nordimension - Nordict ore heaven.

I hope you enjoy the mod.

Getting started

All the content might seem daunting at first, but follow these steps and you'll be creating a steady supply of iron and perfect stone in no time.

  1. First things first you're going to want to look for energy plants. They spawn in forest biomes so look there. Take as much as possible because these are very important for iron and stone generation.
  2. Stock up on some redstone. You'll need at least 11.
  3. Next, progress through the game until you reach the iron pickaxe. You can NOT mine Nordict Ore with stone pickaxes or below. Once you have an iron pickaxe, simply mine your way through all the Nordict ore, then smelt it. You'll need around 20.
  4. Craft an ingot de-atomizer. You can either place this down and use it to convert iron and stone into ingots, or use it to craft the ingot shrinker.
  5. Craft an ingot shrinker and place at least 4 Nordict ingots in the top slot then click Shrink.
  6. Craft a quark wrench.
  7. Craft a combinator, then place the quark on the top slot and the energy powder on the bottom slot, then click Convert. You will get Energy quarks as a result. Take them, you will need them.
  8. Finally, craft an ingot atomizer. Place energy quarks to the left slot, nordict ingots to the right, then click what you want to convert to. Stone requires at least 1 ingot, and iron requires at least 5.
  9. That's it! Let me know if I messed anything up. Now bask in many stacks of iron and stone.


  • You can use energy powder and logs to create charcoal.
  • Don't worry about looking up the recipes. All of them will become available to you as you progress.
Modification files
nordictry 1.2.jar - v1.2Uploaded on: 06/16/2021 - 06:29   File size: 195.78 KB
nordictry_0.jar - v0.9 (OLD)Uploaded on: 06/16/2021 - 06:51   File size: 138.18 KB
  • 1.2
    • This update adds more quark functionality and blocks. These include:
      • Energy powder
      • Energy plants
      • Energy quarks
      • Ingot shrinker
      • Combinator
    • Ingot atomizer now requires a fuel source of energy quarks.
    • Advancements, tools, etc. fixed and renamed.
    • Quark wrench is no longer a tool and is instead a building material.
  • 0.9
    • This is the first published version of the modification. It adds all the fundamentals. Please check back later if you'd like to see what's new