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This Mod adds ore extractors to the game, the ore extractors allow you to quickly take ores out of coal, iron, gold, redstone, lapis, diamonds, emeralds, and nether quarts. I recommend using JEI (JustEnoughItems) for this mod, the reason? to see the ore extracter recipes. The extractors add good fun to the game because, during cave exploration, i hate getting caught by a creeper mining away at some ores. The ore extrators prevent that though, because you can quickly run past grabbing the ores before and creeper can explode. there is 2 bugs ive found though and are working to fix: the first is a typo with one of the item names, the second is if there is a block above the ore your extracting, it will sometimes teleport the item to the surface. ive been using a lot of my time on this mod. It also adds two ore upgraders, so hope you enjoy!

Modification files
Ore Extracters.jar - This contains the ore extractors.Uploaded on: 04/14/2021 - 13:26   File size: 84.07 KB