Refining Plants

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Refining Plants is a very simple mod. Everything it does is to add a single plant to the game.

This plant can grow on each of the vanilla ores and produce a fruit (within a minute) of the ores under the plant..

The player can smash these fruits (withe the Mortar And Pestle) and create a powder. The powder can be smelted or used in the crafting table to produce, out of nothing, the ores.

But the plant isn't so easy to find. Is extremely rare to find in the world. But, you can also craft it with each one of the vanilla ore blocks (obtainable with a pickaxe with silk touch) or with any powder of the ores. 

Modification files
RefiningPlants-1.0 (MC 1.14.4).jar - This mod add a plant which fruit can be used to produce ores.399.68 KB
RefiningPlants-1.0 (MC 1.12.2).jar - This mod add a plant which fruit can be used to produce ores.420.02 KB

1.0 - 1.14.4/1.12.2
-First version of the mod relased