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End+ is a Minecraft mod that exists to improve the end. It is currently in early beta. So far it adds grass to the end and a new mob and a new ore that is stronger than diamonds: Enderite! More is coming in future updates enjoy :) 

Also with the mod using enderite (a new ore) and ender pearls you can craft elytra. I added this for survival players also so I can actually get an elytra without dying about 20 times :)

Enderite Ore is very rare and if you mine it try to use fortune 3. Also enderite ore can only be mined using a diamond or better pickaxe.

Notes: Chorus wood currently only has planks. No doors or anything like that yet :)

the reason there are no pictures of the new tree structures in the end is because the files are slightly to large to let me put the pictures on here.

1.16.2 fabric support is coming next update

Modification files
endplusendupdate beta0.5.jar - The second beta426.78 KB


-beta 0.1: -added ender frogs the name will be changed later -added chorus grass and chorus grass blocks -added chorus logs and chorus clusters they are currently unused. -added chorus berries you can’t plant them yet.

-Beta 0.5!!! : 

-Enderfrogs are now tameable

- chorus berries can now be crafted into bushes

- chorus logs can now make planks

- chorus trees now generate

- Added endbug the name will be changed later on

- added a few pictures to the mod page 

- added end grass a new variant of chorus grass.

- added end coal ore.

End+ will get a forum. Also I am working on 1.15 update for The Ancient Forest and Cavecraft: Cave Update.

Hey looks cool but would you mind adding some more screenshots and a real description??