Random Mod (MySecondMod)

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Basically everything here is random i added a few things.

- B has a keybind. and that keybind is too burp

- Added a nightmare zombie which is better than a normal zombie

- Added a Player NPC

- Added tropical water that looks bad but can destroy water

- Added alot of custom portals

- Now a minecraft icon is in your screen

- Added coal generator (right click it)

- Added a mossy creeper stone bricks

- Added an alien gun and a normal gun (Alien gun needs slime) (Normal gun needs stone buttons)

- Added Troll Ore thinking its a diamond ore but it isnt and drops dirt when you mine it

- Added An Auto Shooter (Not really good but click it to damage yourself)

- Saddles are now craftable using 2 Leather and a lead

Modification files
random_mod.zip - Basically everything here is random i added a few things.Uploaded on: 07/23/2017 - 01:22   File size: 1.45 MB