Banana Car!

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This is a simple mod jus add a banana car and the car can be crafted with 4 nether stars 2 gold 2 diamond and one obsidian


for now I don't have ideas for this mod, this mod will be updated maybe in a very loooooong time

i have another two mods (MenuHelper and LightSaberMod) the two mods are simple (I only emphasize this because the Banana Car has nothing more than a car and a crafting)



have a great day!

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BananaCar!.jar - Haha Banana car go BRRUploaded on: 12/03/2020 - 02:06   File size: 26.58 KB

Love it! I have some banana stuff in my 1.12 Skulls & Monkeys mod. I hope you update it sometime. I'm gbv1436