lukes mod

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In development
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Latest supported Minecraft version

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this is my mod

lukes mod is my first mod

things that my mod adds:

rock salt

frying pans

power items

new mobs

new biomes

and new achievements


frying pans???

frying pans are a new weapon type

which use fryed eggs for ammo 

power items

power items are items that do something when right clicked

or when its in your inventory or hotbar 

rock salt

you can find rock salt near beaches 

it can be used to make lots of items

like armour and tools


im not the best at it so the art in the mod is very bad I will update it later


Modification files
lukes mod beta 1.0_0.jar - ver 1.0Uploaded on: 09/01/2022 - 06:25   File size: 474.24 KB
lukes mod1.1.jar - ver 1.1Uploaded on: 09/01/2022 - 09:54   File size: 521.75 KB
lukess mod 1.2.0.jar - ver 1.2.0Uploaded on: 09/18/2022 - 13:10   File size: 651.65 KB

ver 1.2.0   the lore update


  • 1 new biome
  • some new blocks
  • 2 new mobs (the mage is w.i.p)
  • and 2 other things....

ver 1.1


  • some new items
  • 2 new mobs
  • some new blocks
  • and some other things


  • the texture of the marshallow item