Sanity And Insanity

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(1.19.2)+1.0.6+Sanity+And+Insanity.jar - 1.19.2 Sanity And Insanity (1.0.6)Uploaded on: 02/28/2023 - 19:31   File size: 856.31 KB
(1.18.x)+1.0.6+Sanity+And+Insanity.jar - 1.18.X Sanity And Insanity (1.0.6)Uploaded on: 02/28/2023 - 19:30   File size: 854.34 KB
(1.17.1)SanityAndInsanity(1.0.1).jar - 1.17.1 Sanity And Insanity (1.0.1)Uploaded on: 12/01/2021 - 16:13   File size: 767.37 KB
SanityAndInsanity(1.0.1).jar - 1.16.5 Sanity And Insanity (1.0.1)Uploaded on: 12/01/2021 - 16:00   File size: 809.86 KB

1.0.0 : Added Sanity Bar

Added Sanity Effect

Added different ways to lower and higher sanity


1.0.1 : Added "Sanity" effect that gives you buffs (this effect is used when your sanity is from 80 - 100

Added a slowness de-buff when your sanity is low but not completely depleted.


1.0.2 : Replaced Sanity night vision buff with regeneration


1.0.6 :

Ported to 1.19.2 and  1.18.2



  • Added a new config file to allow players to customize how strong each sanity increase and decrease does.
  • Added the ability to reposition the sanity overlay by pressing "G"
  • Updated the "/sanity" command to allow players to specify a target player to check their sanity level or modify it.


  • Improved overall performance and stability of the mod.

Bug Fixes:

  • I'm sure i fixed something but i can't remember what :/


  • Press the key "G" (default) to reposition the sanity bar to the top, left, right, bottom or lower (the lower option is for people who use smaller GUI scales than normal people do.)
  • The new config files are "Sanity & Insanity Addition Config" and "Sanity & Insanity Subtraction Config", they can be found in the regular config folder.
  • The Additions Config looks like this:

    ["Sanity Additions - Sanity And Insanity Config"] "Sending a Chat Message" = 1.0 "When healed" = 2.0 "Attacking Another Player" = 2.0 "An entity is tamed (like a wolf)" = 30.0 "Completing an Advancement" = 10.0 "Uses Bonemeal" = 2.0 Fishing = 10.0 Sleeping = 25.0 "Eats Golden Apple" = 10.0 "Eats Enchanted Golden Apple" = 35.0 "Eats Golden Carrot" = 5.0 "Drinks Honey" = 5.0 "Eats Cake" = 10.0 "If Full Health (Chance of happening every tick)" = 1.0 "In a Friendly Biome (Chance of happening every tick)" = 1.0 "Near player (Chance of happening every tick)" = 1.0

  • The Subtractions Config looks like this:

    ["Sanity Subtractions - Sanity And Insanity Config"] "Subtract on lightning strike" = -30.0 "Dimension Switching Subtraction" = -5.0 "Trampling Farmland" = -5.0 #      This is defaulted to -0 because it's disabled "Item Crafted" = 0.0 #      This only has a chance of occurring "Uses Hoe" = -3.0 "Eat Bad Food" = -5.0 "Eat Horrible Food" = -10.0 "Eating a Pufferfish" = -20.0 "Breaking a Spawner" = -25.0 "Attacking a Friend (axolotls, villagers, golems and wolves)" = -2.0 "If a Phantom is nearby" = -1.0 "Random Subtraction (Chance of happening every tick)" = -1.0 "If Underground (Chance of happening every tick)" = -2.0 "Full Moon (Chance of happening every tick)" = -2.0 "On Soul Sand (Chance of happening every tick)" = -2.0 #      If it's raining or under water "If Wet (Chance of happening every tick)" = -1.0 "If Burning (Chance of happening every tick)" = -5.0 "If it's dark (Chance of happening every tick)" = -2.0 "Hot Biome (Chance of happening every tick)" = -2.0 "If hungry (Chance of happening every tick)" = -2.0 "If starving (Chance of happening every tick)" = -1.0


  • The new and improved "/sanity" command can now be used with the following arguments:
    • "/sanity" - displays the sanity level of the player who executed the command.
    • "/sanity get <player>" - displays the sanity level of the specified player(s).
    • "/sanity set <player> <amount>" - modifies the sanity level of the specified player(s) by the specified amount. The amount can be between 0-100


I hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in this update. Please let me know if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions for future updates in the issues tab above.

I have an idea,
When you go to the nether, your sanity passively decreases unless you have friendly piglins nearby or a dog.
Same with the end, except endermen will passively decrease sanity.
also when you are holding a weapon it decreases your sanity.

Hey, congrats on yet another MOTW broski! Keep up the good work!
(Also, a suggestion, I think ghosts are good ideas for monsters that attack you only while insane, but what if there was a sort of progress chain with insanity monster attacks (i.e being ~half insane might attract ghosts more, being nearly fully insane may cause ghosts to occasionally attack you, and then full insanity causes complete hostility) as well as a couple more insanity-based mobs that possible only spawn in hard mode? That's just my two cents.)

i haven't downloaded this mod because i'm not the type to download mods out of curiosity but it does look really cool, i might consider this for a modded playthrough in the future to keep me on my toes