Bob Cros Universe

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Project status
In development
Academic Free License v3.0
Modification type
Latest supported Minecraft version

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Bob Cros Universe (The 3rd) 

This Mod is mostly gonna be about stuff from my liking like Youtubers ,Cartoons/Shows and Friends 

My Goal is just to create a stupid mod with lots of blocks/weapons/armors and maybe mobs and dimension

So Therefore every update will be not connection in most ways 

Stuff I already am Planning on doing

references to my friends and I inside jokes, Weapons, Bosses and Lore

Steven Universe Gems ,Tools and weapons

The Dream SMP Mobs, Weapons, Tools



and blah blah blah


Modification files
BobCros Universe 1.0.1.jar - The second update "BobSlice"Uploaded on: 06/04/2021 - 18:32   File size: 9.85 MB
Bob Cros Universe 1.0.0.jar - The first Update of the Mod, adding 12 plus armors , ore, Mob (ImposterUploaded on: 06/01/2021 - 18:50   File size: 2.79 MB


Update! 1.0.1

Named BobSlice

Imposter Mob now has 11 other Colors all based on Among Us Colors


Bobnite:Ore , Armor ,Pickaxe,Sword, Block, Brick and Lamp!

Airshipite: Armor, Tools,Block, Brick and Lamp

New Mob Crewmate (Tamable)

New Mob Fennecfox (Tamable Drops Airshipite as chance)

New Mob Sea Slug (Drops Slug)

Slug Block

Reinforced Glass and pane

Bob's Coat





14 armors added , All Colors from the Among Us game included with Steel and Lapis 

A Bunch of New Blocks Including Stars , Walls and Fences 

Some Tools, Knife and Steel all 

1 New Mob (Red Imposter)

1 New Biome (Polus)