Better'n more stuff mod

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This mod is created using MCreator

This mod add better and more stuff in mc!

Added stuff:



-time machine (which does nothing)

-Waste land

-New dimension (Opposite of the nether)

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Modification files
4th Version222.2 KB
3rd Version143.52 KB
2nd Version113.94 KB

Sorry if there's some stuff being added in these random version such as biome,blocks,dimension and items.

I can't remember what i added,removed and readded



0.0.5 alpha

-fixed the portal for the new dimension that was added before.

-added some blocks (i think) and items.

0.0.4 alpha

-added some blocks and items.

-fixed the textures of the blocks

-readded the biome

0.0.3 alpha

-added some stuff (i can't remember in 0.0.3).

-added a new biome.

-removed the dimension.

0.0.2 alpha

-added the dimension ( i think).

0.0.1 alpha

-added some blocks and items.