Firenight's Sweet Dreams

Published by firenight on Thu, 08/13/2020 - 18:13
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--> In development.


In modern Minecraft, beds are used to escape from everything, zombies!? -> go sleep, Thunder?! -> go sleep. The game even punishes you from not sleeping by adding phantoms. This mod tries to recreate a challenge by forcing players to choose between staying awake and going to sleep with a chance of ending up in a terrifying nightmare with no way out!


How to access dreams? -> By falling asleep you have a chance to have a dream, at the moment 30%. You have to survive for the entire night in the dimension and you cannot exit.

The mod is supposed to be grounded in vanilla Minecraft, just adding a mechanic.


Content Overview:

-> 3 possible dreams (Darkworld, the world of Colossus, Dreamland)

-> 15 new mobs: Dust Demons, The Shadow Man, Darkpig, The Dream Master, Mr Henry, Cultist Dreamager, Boomber, Mother, Kids, The Colossus, Servents, The Living Hand, Scientist Dreamager, DCAC, Minibot

-> 5 new Biomes (Bone Forest, Dead Springs, Redbound, Dark lakes, Colossus World)

& more (items + boss fight + Dungeons)


It's been a while since I worked on this mod, I am just uploading it online for now and depending on the response, I might continue working on it.

Music credits: Ethereal Snake &


Mob details:

Dust Demons: A foggy creature that roams the dark world. It's only weakness is light

The Shadow Man: A Creepy figure you rather see in the distance because as soon as you are in his sight there is no escape. You can't outrun your shadow.

DarkPig: It looks like a pig, but its teeth are as sharp as your diamond sword, it's body will spit in half to devour you.

The Dream Master: He is the boss and keeps the dreams from colliding with the real world. He is found in his own dream dungeon, you'll need to use a special dream catcher to enter it.

Mr Henry: Cute little bear that throws daggers at you.

Cultist Dreamager: An intelligent life form that devotes himself to a life of torture and torturing, the dreamager's skin was somehow removed. He will drop little cultist sacs.

Boomber: A small little guy who carries tnt and explodes on death

Mother: A big insect that carries her kids where ever she goes, on death her kids will come to get you.

Kids: small little bugs that move fast, one shouldn't scare you for its low health and low strength but they often come in a swarm making it difficult to handle.

The Colossus: A mysterious figure who wanders the wasteland, you are no match and should avoid him at all costs.

Servents: It is said they used to be people who got lost in their dream somehow. They are not a big threat as they move slowly but they can do quite a lot of damage.

The Living Hand: We don't know where those hands come from or from who, but they are quite agile and should get you from hights.

Scientist Dreamager: unlike the cultist, this dreamager is a lot more knowledgeable of the worlds and the creatures living, often trying to capture some. They have a lot of tech on their side.

DCAC: a flying bot the scientist dreamager uses to defend themselves.

Minibot: a ground bot with a saw on it, they can be one though cookie.





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Firenight's Good Night Sleep.jar - Minecraft java edition, version 1.12.2Uploaded on: 08/13/2020 - 18:36   File size: 6.89 MB

Yes interesting ideas, look like amazing! dungeon not dongeon just like that

I suggest you change the name because there is already a mod called good night's sleep.
But still, this is a neat mod. It would be cool if you describe the mobs, items, and blocks in detail.