Sniffer Mod

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The Sniffer is an upcoming mob, that won the Minecraft 2022 Mob Vote.

This is a simple mod that adds new Sniffer-Related things to the game.


The mod adds 3 types of Sniffers. The Sniffer is a land creature that is friendly to the player and can be spawned with the Sniffer Egg.

There's also the Sky Sniffer witch flies and the Underwater Sniffer witch swims underwater.  Both of these creatures have an Egg too.

The next feauture are the Ancient Seeds, witch you can get from mining Rich Dirt, the Sniffers and the Small Shovel.

You can get Ancient Plants from the Farming Block. You need one Ancient Seed and one Bone Meal.

There are many more things and features in this mod such as Claypots, Sculptures, etc.

Modification files
sniffer_mod.jarUploaded on: 11/23/2022 - 17:29   File size: 213.32 KB