Lucky Crates

Published by Reb on Fri, 08/03/2018 - 06:40
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This mod adds several lucky crates to Minecraft that, when opened, will give you some items. How good those items are will depend on how lucky they are. Luckier crates will be more expensive, and each type of crate will give you items from a certain category, such as food or tools. Opening crates requires keys, which can be found in grass or underground. Using a key press, you can press keys from gold ingots.

Modification files
Lucky Crates 1.12.2.jar - Not done yet68.54 KB
LuckyCrates1.12.2.jar - Lucky Crates v1.0.168.53 KB

8/15/2018 First working version, v1.0.1, released. Bug fixes over 1.0.0