Spirit of Enium (Moved)

Published by swelkinn_n on Sat, 10/24/2020 - 22:01
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Mod has moved to Curseforge fully -- File too big

***Previously known as Genuinely Too Many Additions -- GTMA***

***This mod is heavily in development, please keep in mind most, if not all content seen is both subject to change and not set in stone as finished.***

Have you ever been playing modern Minecraft and think to yourself,

"Man, I wish there was a mod out there like Orespawn for modern versions.."

And if so, have you ever thought if it was completely different? 

And once more, if the above wring true, have you ever thought that you wanted it to have genuinely too many things in it?

If the above applies to you, then you've (potentially) found the right mod!

This mod is best played with Just Enough Items for recipes.

For any questions and to see exclusive previews, follow @TZeode on Twitter.


Currently includes:

-6 new ores

-20 new mobs, including 8 bosses

-Several new weapons

-Several miscellaneous utilities (i.e /heal, the ability to compact rotten flesh, etc etc.)


Future plans include:

-Another 250ish ores

-Many new mobs and bosses

-MANY new weapons

-And so much more!

Modification files
soeversion0.7.2.jarUploaded on: 02/12/2021 - 04:10   File size: 17.21 MB
soeversion0.7.2.5_0.jarUploaded on: 02/20/2021 - 17:42   File size: 17.21 MB
soeversion0.7.3.m.jarUploaded on: 03/02/2021 - 21:01   File size: 17.28 MB
soeversion0.8.1.jarUploaded on: 06/08/2021 - 14:10   File size: 19.8 MB

0.7.3 to 0.8.1


-bug fixes

-finishing touches on abbadon excluding spawning/items

-recipes added

-beginning fixes to magic weapons (currently nightmare flame and asmodeus' eye are fixed)


-The mana/xp system is 100% up to date and working with all mana items, En's staff, however, does not currently summon Dinguses.

-Many bug fixes in loot tables, mob behavior, and armor effects

-Crumbling Oak and Cactus wood now both have doors

-New structure, Abaddon Tower, (Drops not added for Abaddon yet)

-Asmodeus and Abaddon's Towers are both now more common

-All envious weaponry now have crafting recipes

-3 new mobs; Abyssal Remains α, β, and Ω. These mobs are not yet done, as all have the same AI. They all spawn everywhere in Nowhere.


-Abyssal Remains 1,2, and 3 (potentially marked as ?, ?, and ?--issue with symbols and will be renamed next update if are all named the same) have separate behaviors:

        -Abyssal Remains 1 rushes the player, dealing melee damage.

        -Abyssal Remains 2 will shoot the player from afar, dealing heavy range damage, at the cost of lower health.

        -Abyssal Remains 3 will explode on contact with the player, but will not actively seek them out. Serve as essentially moving land mines.

-The Wendigo and Violet Winding have new, better models.

-Both Wendigos and Mothmen have new sounds

-Crumbling Oak can now be used for tools in place of other planks.

-Wither Skeletons have a new loot table, as well as a new drop, the withered bone. Drops remain unchanged other than bones being withered bones, and item weights are different. making withered bones less common than bones were as a caveat to;

-Wither Skeleton skulls are now craftable using withered bones.

-The Decayed added; a zombie type that spawns in swamps.

-The Decay potion effect is also added, and predictably is currently only given through the Decayed. It, every tick, has a 0.10% chance to deal 1-2.5 hearts of true damage. This ignores armor, and can rapidly take the player out if they aren't careful.

Minor Changes

-Fixes to every boss; they now grant the killer their achievement. The icons reflect this.

-Removed several achievements; they were unnecessary.

-Violet Boar now is struck with lightning every 100 hp lost, powering him up for a moment.

-Added Necrotic Charm, Skin Cream, and Ipecac.They make the holder immune to Wither, Decay, and Choking respectively. They are not currently obtainable in survival.

-Abyssal Remains 1 now inflicts Choking.

Major Changes

-Added the first difficulty increase. Upon entering the Nether, new mobs start to spawn.

-The first two "hard mode" mobs; the Reaver and the Wardling.

The Reaver is a new zombie type that spawns during the night and spreads its plague through the Zombification potion. If an entity dies due to Zombification, it will become Zombified, though currently only the player and normal zombies have implimentation; turning into Infected Players and Reavers respectively. They do not burn during the day. They are made to give a further challenge to resource management in managing a plague at the same time as normal events.

The Wardling spawns in areas not directly exposed to the sky, and are miniature Wardens (1.17).

Currently both spawn in the Nether, which is not intended.

-The Violet Tome has been slightly tweaked in preparation for later, as well as to support JEI better--previously JEI would sometimes cover the buttons which I was not aware of, and solved by not only simplifying the work on me, but also by introducing the Table of Contents.


-New ore: Zalski Ore

Only appears in the Nether, and drops Zalski gems when mined, which is used to craft Nowhere Portal Framings

-Infected Players, Abyssal Remains 1 the Violet Flame Cultist Corpses all have a new loot table.

-Wither Skeletons now drop Necrotic Charms, which grant immunity to wither, whilst Abyssal Remains 1 now drops Ipecac which grants immunity to Choking.

-New weapon: Bombs

a new Demolition class weapon, works similarly to the bombs in The Binding of Isaac, in where you place it down on the ground and it explodes after being set down.

-New block: Debris

A block that only appears in the first difficulty increase after entering the Nether. It replaces any generated and ungenerated naturally occurring andesite block, and when mined can be turned into Debris Scrap (texture may be bugged, program had a rough time with a later addition), which then can be turned into Netherite, though significantly more expensive than Ancient Debris and Netherite Scraps.

-Pigmen and Pigman Warriors can now be Zombified by Reavers, turning into Zombie Pigmen and Zombie Pigman Brutes respectively.

-Integrations with wood into other modded and vanilla recipes

-New mob; Arch Skeleton

Arch Skeletons are a new mob exclusive to the first difficulty switch. They are upgraded skeletons, and when they die, turn into floating heads. How fun!

-Zombification Cure (NOT IN SURVIVAL YET)

A vaccine used to cure mobs by hitting them. Creative only for this update.


-Faded Concrete

Concrete that is, as implied, faded. Comes in every colour, with Black, Grey, Light Grey, and White all being true tones rather than slightly off shot.

-Ancient Forest biome

New biome where Wendigos spawn, similar to Mega Taigas.

-Most mobs now have blood particles for getting hit.

Every mob will soon, though many have unique blood because not everything in the world, real or fictional, bleeds red.

-Plague Vaccines are now craftable

For all your inoculation needs.

-Clown armor

Promised for a friend, sorry it took so long <3


-Philosopher's Stone and its crafting chain, steps featured here:

Currently serves no purpose, will soon do as promised on Twitter.

-3 new structures: Boon, Sky Island, and Warped Sky Island

Boon: a segment of wall from a torn-down building, with a very unfortunate soul.

Sky Island: no beating around the bush, it's the very original skyblock island all the way from beta 1.8

Warped Sky Island: like the Sky Island, but for Warped Forests.

-Blood effects can now be disabled

/Gamerule bloodEffects False to disable, default set to True.It is in the Misc section of the gamerule menu upon creating a world.

-Clown Hammer

The rest of the promise, get it by wearing a full set of clown armor

-Mirror Mask

A new helmet based on ENA (Joel G.). It changes emotion every minute in a chain of 5 individual masks. They each have their own potion effects. This mask cannot break unless it takes 250 damage in under a minute, which is horrific if you can accomplish.


A new crop. Drops rice and rice seeds, which grows into more rice and rice seeds. Rice alone takes significantly less time it takes to eat normal foods, but also is the equivalent of eating a sheet of paper. This can be avoided by crafting it into rice bowls, which are significantly better.

-Loot Table Changes

Grass drops every crop in the game aside from cocoa beans, cactus, sweet berries, apples, and nether wart. This is how to get rice seeds.

 Pigmen no longer drop 10-15 carrots, this was not intended in the slightest. They now drop 2-4


Crafted with 3 milk buckets per 4 cheese. Basic food item.


-Reavers now are slowed in daylight

-Reavers spawned via infection now burn in daylight

-Infected Players now burn in daylight

-Boss Spawners now summon bosses on the block you right click, as well as Dingus and the Grimmchildren.

-Nightmare Lamps have been retextured.

-Rice and Mirror Masks should function properly for real this time.

-Wendigo Pendant can now be turned off with right click.


-Zombies now have a 30% chance to spawn with a stone sword post-Nether.

-Dimension stacking-- somewhat unfinished, but if you go below Y=-5, you go down a layer, go above Y=256, you go up a layer.

-Void Sickness, a new potion effect that occurs on the lower layers of the End and Nowhere.

-Rucksacks now use any type of leather, vanilla or modded, instead of exclusively sasquatch fur.

-Fixed Reavers spawn pre-Nether.

-Wooden, Lithium, and Golden pickaxes now make stone drop pebbles instead of cobblestone, which crafts into cobblestone with 4 pebbles.

-A new tool, Stone Hammers, get more pebbles from stone. Will be more important later.

-Fixed Green Eyed Monster's attack damage, being now significantly less, ~15 hearts.

-Walking Stick, grants speed when equipped in your offhand.


This is the REAL last update here on MCreator, it's quite literally 19.8 MB, with 20 MB being the max

The Curseforge page is 100% the only other place SoE is updated from here out.

If you like this mod, you may be interested in my other mod, Linden Files (aka my side project)

Can you create a GUI on it? Because I wanna know how to pass it, where are structures, at least in Curse Forge add a more detaliate description of what I have to do, like how to summon Grimm where spawn Mothman...

Touche, I definitely should, but until i do i'll tell you those things;
Mothman spawns naturally in hills at night, though it is rather rare.
To summon Grimm, you need to craft the Grimm Badge and right click it on a Nightmare Lantern (one of the only blocks with a custom model) in a Grimm Theater.
The objective, at the moment, is mostly up to you, but I plan on having a Terraria inspired progression system, or in the current state of the mod, kill all the bosses, and get enium armor.

Can you add more hollow knight things, because the creators of hollow craft are very slow and I like that game so can I ask you to add more discs and add a new attack to Grimm; he shots ghast fireballs everywhere and you have to dodge it and maybe it can teleport to you in 10 blocks radius so u can't escape.

I'm planning on making an add-on to this with more Hollow Knight content, due to the fact I want SoE to be (mostly) original, but the new Grimm attack is a welcome thought

Anywhere really, I check comments and replies on both here and curseforge
You can also reply to one of the tweets on @tzeode but whichever one of the 3 are the easiest for you work

Welp i thinked and ill say; ill come back to feedback your mod later (in days or months) cause im busy rn
srry i wasnt typing anything here but im rly busy this months so i hope some1 will type a comment and ill recive a notificaion on gmail to dont forget to chat here