Genuinely Too Many Additions -- GTMA (Update 4-5)

Published by swelkinn_n on Sat, 10/24/2020 - 22:01
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***This mod is heavily in development, please keep in mind most, if not all content seen is both subject to change and not set in stone as finished.***

Have you ever been playing modern Minecraft and think to yourself,

"Man, I wish there was a mod out there like Orespawn for modern versions.."

And if so, have you ever thought if it was completely different? 

And once more, if the above wring true, have you ever thought that you wanted it to have genuinely too many things in it?

If the above applies to you, then you've (potentially) found the right mod!


Currently includes:

-6 new ores

-16 new mobs, including 4 bosses

-Several new weapons

-Several miscellaneous utilities (i.e /heal, the ability to compact rotten flesh, etc etc.)


Future plans include:

-Another 250ish ores

-Many new mobs and bosses

-MANY new weapons

-And so much more!

Modification files

0.4.5/ 0.5 Part 1

The Violet Flame Update

-Violet Tome is now obtainable in survival and has a function

-Bigfoot mobs now have properly turning limbs

-Nightmare Lantern (Summoner) has a new model

            -Nightmare Lantern has been renamed to Nightmare Lamp

-Pale ore has a new texture and is no longer a block

-New mob: Grimmkin Master (Hollow Knight)

           -T.M. Grimm now summons Grimmkin Masters instead of Vexes

-New ore; Enium

          -This ore rarely spawns from 0-5Y

- Mothman now drops his cloak, which grants flight if in inventory.

           -It can be worn to give the player speed, though also blindness

-Many other new features, tweaks, and improvements.

If you like this mod, you may be interested in my other mod, Linden Files (aka my side project)