EOCE+U{Expand Of Caves Expansion + Update} Updated

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This Mod Expand The Caves With A Fantastic Degree Because The Caves Are Very Boring :

Blocks :

Stones: Volcanite Stone,Marbuline Stone

Spikes :

Big : Volcanite Stone, Volcanite Cobblestone,Stone,Cobblestone,Marbuline Stone,Marbuline Cobblestone,Ice,Magma

Small : Volcanite Stone, Volcanite Cobblestone,Stone,Cobblestone,Marbuline Stone,Marbuline Cobblestone,Ice,Magma

Normal : Volcanite Stone,Stone,Marbuline Stone,Ice,Magma

Ore :

Stone : Nickel,Tin,Silver,Lead,Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Marbuline Stone : Nickel,Tin,Silver,Lead,Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Volcanite Stone : Nickel,Tin,Silver,Lead,Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Block Of : Nickel,Tin,Silver,Lead,Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Bricks : Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Water Fare 

Items :

Ores : Nickel Ingot,Tin Ingot,Silver Ingot,Lead Ingot,Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Misc : Iron Stick,Titan,Titan Coin,Stone Rotten Flesh,Toxic String,Toxic Spider Eye

Break : Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Summon Wand : Magic Wand -----> Have 950 Durability And Summon The Magical Creature And The Magical Creature Need To Attack This Mobs :Zombie,Skeleton,Spider,Creeper,Moss Creeper,Cave Zombie,Creepy Ghast,Fire Ghast,Ice Ghast,Very Toxic Spider

Living Entities :

Cave Zombie,Moss Creeper, Creepy Ghast(If You Scary Don't Summon It By Spawn Egg),Fire Ghast,Ice Ghast,Very Toxic Spider,Magical Creature

Tools :

Swords : Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Pickaxes : Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Axes : Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Shovels : Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Armors : Sapphire,Ruby,Neon

Structures : Stone Rock,Volcanite Stone Rock,Marbuline Stone Rock,Ice Plant Temple,Fire Plant Temple,Nature Plant Temple

Plants :Botonom,Pink Dandelyon,Cave Gong,Blosom,Demon Dylon,Maglocan,Redion,Tochemon,Vejen

Fluids : Toxican Fluid

Tabs : And Ofcourse For All The Mod Items And Blocks Tabs :

Cave Block,Cave Ores,Cave Armor,Cave Swords,Cave Tools,Cave Misc,Cave Plants. The Seven Tabs

Potions : Radiation,Anti Radiation

With 11 Achievements, 110 Recipes & 304 Mod Elements

New Update Has Been Released :

New Tools And Armor :

Tools :

Nickel Pickaxe,Nickel Axe,Nickel Shovel,Nickel Sword,,Tin Pickaxe,Tin Axe,Tin Shovel,Tin Sword,,Silver Pickaxe,Silver Axe,Silver Shovel,Silver Sword,,Lead Pickaxe,Lead Axe, Lead Shovel,Lead Sword

Armor :

Nickel Armor + Tin Armor + Silver Armor + Lead Armor

New Achievement :

New 46 Recipes

New Gem :

The Super Soul Gem

New Block :

Block Of Super Gem

New 9 Keys To Open The Super Cage

Keys :

Titan Key,Lead Key,Silver Key,Tin Key,Nickel Key,Sapphire Key,Ruby Key,Neon Key,Dark Matter Key

You Will Find In The Cage The Super Gem When The Super Gem In Inventory Its Give You Super Regeneration Haste And Luck

Now With More 90 Mod Elements

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