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  • More Crafts is a mod that adds items, mobs, bosses, blocks and recipes! :)Brazilian MOD

      *Language: English and Portuguese(Brazil) 

      *Status: In Development



      -Ruby Ore

      -Amethyst Ore

      -Saphire Ore

      -Magnum Ore

      -Pet Fragment Ore

      -Pink(Rose) Quartz Ore

      -Bronze Ore

      -Eternal Ore Level 1



      -All colors of stone bricks

      -Sugar Block

      -Saphire Block

      -Magnum Block

      -Ruby Block

      -Amethyst Block

      -Rusty Iron Block

      -Shadow Diamond Block

      -Block of Frozen Shofar

      -Golden TNT

      -Pile Of Bones



      -Ruby Armor

      -Saphire Armor

      -Bronze Armor

      -Amethyst Armor

      -Emerald Armor

      -Pink(Rose) Quartz Armor

      -Shadow Diamond Armor

      -Patrol Armor

      -Patrol Boss Armor

      -The Dominator Armor



      -Ruby Tools

      -Amethyst Tools

      -Saphire Tools

      -Pink(Rose) Quartz Tools

      -Emerald Tools


      *Mobs And Bosses:


      -Patrol Boss(Boss)

      -Shadow Lord(Boss)


      -The Dominator(Boss)

      -King Skeleton(Boss)

      -Viking Zombie(Boss)

      -Golden Pig(Mob)

      -Iron Skeleton(Boss)


      -A list will be posted shortly!







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Hello anyone who wants to share some help I accept Lol!

It looks cool, but are all the textures original?