Elemental Mix: NOCub3's Juicy Resprites

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This pack compatible with Elemental Mix!

Textures made by:

Cloud Elemental resprites

Sand Elemental resprites

Ice Golem resprites

Ocean Elemental resprites

Hellfire Elemental resprites

Misc. resprites

Not done stuff:

  • Rose Sword
  • Stormbow
  • The Blame of the Badlands
  • Kratos' Axe
  • The Cnidrion
  • Essence of Sand
  • Forestree
  • Forest Bow
  • Forest Book
  • Leaf
  • Giga Tree?
  • Essence of Forest
  • Unholy Flame
  • The Fury of the Nether
Modification files
NocubeElementalVision.zip - 1.0.0Uploaded on: 09/06/2020 - 03:11   File size: 15.6 KB

Wow! These textures are just godly :O Why isn't it in the original mod?

Nice to see people loving my textures :D
Soon I will start updating and uploading my new mod with this style btw!