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Published by CR1MS4NE on Sat, 07/18/2020 - 03:58
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Hey there everyone, Crim here with probably the best mod I've ever done (going for MOTW again, heh). This one adds heaps and heaps of fresh content, including weapons, armor, structures, mobs and more. It even adds an equipment tier above diamond! I've also made changes to several other vanilla aspects of the game.

It is recommended that a recipe mod such as JEI be used with this mod.

New Update: The Everything Update

The update that more than doubled the size of the mod!

Please check the changelog for up-to-date lists on new features. New additions will also be listed in bold below.


  • Cheese - obtained by smelting milk in a furnace
  • Sliced cheese - crafted with a row of three cheese in a crafting table
  • Cheeseburger - crafted with two bread, one steak, and two slices of cheese. Mmmmmmmm...
  • Pearls - obtained from Giant Clams, a new structure which can be found in the ocean.
  • Shard of Undying - obtained by killing an elder guardian
  • Ocean Emblem - crafted with a Heart of the Sea and four Prismarine Crystals, used to summon Rion, the Sea God
  • Rock - obtained from mining stone. Can be yeeted.
  • Lens - obtained from destroying Eye Flowers, which grow on top of ocean water. Can be crafted into binoculars.
  • Jellyfish Tentacle - currently unobtainable
  • Rope - crafted with 3 string. Block that can be walked through, acts as a ladder. Free-standing ropes will collapse immediately, but can be held up by adjacent ropes or other blocks.
  • Rope Coil - crafted with 9 ropes. Can be thrown. Upon hitting a block, creates a long rope hanging from where it collided. Useful for exploring steep cliffs.
  • Suspicious Sludge - can be eaten to gain Toxic Resilience.
  • Primordial Scale - crafting material used to craft Primordial tools. Found as an ore very rarely in the Toxic Depths.
  • Spore Balloon - can be held to levitate for a short time.
  • Blue Pod Cluster - small, glowing blue berries that can be eaten very quickly.
  • Iradium Iris - eye-shaped stone which can be used to craft Iradium Armor.
  • Colored Paper - colored forms of paper.
  • Earthworm - can be obtained from killing Earthworms.
  • Chicken Nugget - obtained from crafting 1 cooked chicken.
  • Bacon - food item dropped from Piglins and Piglin Brutes.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger - the Cheeseburger, but better.
  • Crown - useful for mimicking certain Enderman or Pig hybrids. Swag.
  • Bouquet - crafted using a sheet of paper and one of every type of flower. Currently serves no purpose.
  • Graphite - can be smelted in a Nether Forge into a diamond.
  • Apple Pie
  • Chocolate Pie
  • Sweet Berry Pie
  • Blue Spore Pie
  • Ice Skates - boots that can be worn to move much more quickly on ice. Compatible with Frost Walker.
  • Potato Cannon - weapon that fires potatoes. Why? Yes.
  • Bottle o' Souls - obtained by right-clicking Soul Sand while wearing boots enchanted with Soul Speed. Used to craft Empty Spawn Eggs.
  • Salt - obtained from ore in the Volcanic Plains and Volcanic Plateaus. Ingredient in Magic Dough.
  • Magic Dough - used to craft Noodles.
  • Noodle - used to kraft Mac n' Cheese.
  • Mac n' Cheese - extremely powerful food item.
  • Fossil - comes in three variants: Nautilus, Leaf, and Tooth. No purpose yet.
  • Dragon Scale - dropped in groups of 2 from the Ender Dragon. Used to smith Netherite armor into Dragon equipment.
  • Four Leaf Clover - drops extremely rarely from Clovers. Grants Luck while in inventory.
  • Padlock - used to lock chests.
  • Ominous Emblem - enables Hardmode. No going back...
  • Empty Spawn Egg - used to craft Spawn Eggs.

Weapons (my fave section, ngl)

  • Grenade - crafted with 2 iron nuggets, 1 redstone, and 1 gunpowder
  • Pearl Tools - crafted with pearls and sticks just like vanilla tools
  • Primordial Tools - crafted from Primordial Scales using vanilla patterns.
  • Dragon Tools - obtained by smithing Netherite equipment and a Dragon Scale.
  • Iradium Armor - glowing blue armor. Causes the player to emit light when equipped.
  • Bricks - are now throwable!
  • Rock - can be thrown
  • Spear of Undying - new throwable weapon that does high damage on both melee and thrown. Causes entities in a 5-block radius to receive a strong Slowness effect.
  • Potion of Flame - potion that sets entities on fire.


  • Sharks - hostile water enemies
  • Lightning Eels - explode on contact, but are not hostile
  • Manta Rays - purely cosmetic
  • Jellyfish - currently cosmetic, drops Slimeballs
  • Small Jellyfish - cosmetic, drops Slimeballs
  • Orca - large rideable passive mob
  • Possessed Armor - strong hostile mob
  • Minnow - cosmetic river mob
  • Crocodile - hostile swamp mob
  • Scorpion - neutral desert mob
  • Tarantula - spider-like jungle mob
  • Dragonfly - cosmetic (and loud) jungle and swamp mob
  • Beetle - cosmetic mob
  • Baby Ghast - rideable flying Nether mob, will grow up into adult Ghast after 10 minutes
  • Anglerfish - hostile ocean mob with a glowing bulb
  • Extremely Agile Glass of Water - not even gonna bother explaining that.
  • Spore Crawler - Insect-like hostile mob that spawns in the Toxic Depths. Attacks by spitting poison spores at intruders.
  • Spore Clot - Passive floating fungus. Does not attack but explodes into a cloud of poison spores when killed.
  • Volatile Spore Clot - Hostile floating fungus. Spits burning, explosive spores at intruders.
  • Ostrich - large neutral mob that spawns in Savanna biomes. Packs a punch.
  • Black Bear - hostile forest mob.
  • Brown Bear - neutral forest mob.
  • Magma Creeper - currently does not do anything.
  • Magma Skeleton - burning variant of a Skeleton that attacks using melee, setting any nearby entities on fire.
  • Earthworm - small, passive mob that has a 1/10 chance to spawn when breaking Dirt.
  • Piranha - hostile water mob that attacks anything in sight. Unintentionally leaps out of the water; technically a bug but way too fitting to remove.
  • Bone Spider - Weaker skeletal version of a Spider.
  • Silk Spider - Purple version of a Spider that places cobwebs every 5 seconds and when hurt.
  • Shroomblebee - glowing blue and pale version of a Bee, spawns in the Blue Spore Fields in the Toxic Depths.
  • Target Dummy - Stationary entity that can be attacked or shot. Can be right-clicked, causing it to drop as an item in Survival mode.
  • Nautilus - rare passive mob that spawns in oceans. Always drops a Nautilus Shell when killed. Turns invisible when hurt.
  • Magma Cow - burning variant of a Cow that spawns in Volcanic Plains and Volcanic Plateaus. Can be milked using a bucket to get a Lava Bucket.
  • Enderfly - passive flying mob found in the End.
  • Golden Creeper - shiny golden variant of a Creeper. Explodes much more violently when a player is in range. Drops a block of gold on death.
  • Tortoise - land-dwelling relative of Turtles. Spawns in Dry Grasslands.
  • Lizard - small passive mob found in all biomes. Comes in 4 color variants, plus a fifth secret type.
  • Penguin - passive mob found in snowy biomes. Drops a raw fish when killed.
  • Cockroach - literally the worst. They suck. They're bad. Kill them. Show no mercy.
  • Firefly - passive flying mob that glows in the dark.
  • Brimstone Meteor - extremely rare meteor that falls from the sky near the player, creating an explosion and a large block of Brimstone upon impact.


  • Quicksand - appears similar to normal sand, but acts like a cobweb.
  • Multicolored Bricks - brick variant with multiple visible colors.
  • Rotten Flesh Block - block crafted with 9 rotten flesh.
  • Pearl - drops a pearl when mined with a pickaxe.
  • Acid - green fluid that kills quickly, but does not destroy items.
  • Liquid Honey - liquid version of Honey. Does not generate naturally.
  • Giant Honeycomb Block - spawns as part of Giant Hives.
  • Illuminant Honey Block - glowing variant of Honey Blocks.
  • Toxic Sludge - primary block of the Toxic Depths. Slows the player when walking on it.
  • Toxic Vortex - spawns at the bottom of Toxic Funnels. Acts as a portal to the Toxic Depths.
  • Shroomstone - hard, brittle fungus that makes up Spore Fields.
  • Shroomgrass - fungus-based grass organisms that cover Spore Fields.
  • Nuclear Sludge - radioactive variant of Toxic Sludge. Makes up the surface of the Nuclear Wastes. Causes mobs to receive Radiation Poisoning when nearby.
  • Nuclear Remnant - extremely radioactive block that glows due to radiation.
  • Iron Bricks - can be crafted from 4 Iron Blocks. Spawns as part of Laboratories. Comes in Stair and Slab variants.
  • Irradiated Iron Bricks - radioactive variant of Iron Bricks. Does not come with Stair and Slab variants.
  • Toxic Bulb - fungal bulb that generates as part of Toxic Growths. Creates Acid when destroyed.
  • Fungal Moss - glowing green fungus that generates as the surface of Toxic Core biomes.
  • Primordial Scales - extremely rare ore found in the Toxic Depths. Can be smelted.
  • Blue Shroomstone - blue variant of Shroomstone.
  • Blue Shroomgrass - blue variant of Shroomgrass.
  • Iradium Ore - rare ore found in the Nuclear Wastes. Composed of living eyes that open when mined. Can be smelted into an Iradium Iris.
  • Lava Geyser - variant of Basalt found in Volcanic Plains and Volcanic Plateaus. Periodically creates or removes lava above its top face. Explodes due to pressure when covered by another non-geyser block.
  • Present - container that can store items and can be sealed. When sealed, the present retains its inventory, but it cannot be accessed until broken. Comes in 16 colors.
  • Puffed Sludge - transparent blue variant of Toxic Sludge. Appears upon contact with a Puffershroom.
  • Rusted Iron Bars - can rarely replace iron bars during rain if they are exposed to the sky.
  • Packed Silk - densely packed cobweb-like blocks that slow the player down. Generates as part of Spider Nests.
  • Web Strand - directional cobweb blocks that can stretch across various distances.
  • Silk Bulb - bulb made from webs. Emits a faint light.
  • Nether Forge - indestructible, unobtainable furnace that can smelt one Netherite Scrap into a Netherite Ingot or one Graphite into a Diamond after 2400 ticks.
  • Graphite Ore - ore that generates in the Overworld. Drops Graphite when mined.
  • Empty Soul Sand - replaces Soul Sand when a Bottle o' Souls is obtained.
  • Salt Ore - generates rarely in Volcanic Plains and Volcanic Plateaus. Drops Salt when mined.
  • Ash Block - sand-like block that generates in large patches in Basalt Deltas.
  • Shale - brown stone that commonly generates in the Overworld. Has a very rare chance to drop a Fossil. Comes in Polished and Smooth variants.
  • Brimstone - fiery decorative block that generates commonly in The Nether, or can appear rarely in the Overworld via a Brimstone Meteor. Can be crafted into Bricks and Pillars using a Stonecutter. Brimstone Pillars can also be re-cut into Chiseled Brimstone Pillars, which come in multiple segments and have the appearance of flowing lava moving through them. Uncut Brimstone does increased magma damage when walked on, and fire lit on top of it never extinguishes.
  • Egg (painting) - a painting which depicts a round egg-like object on a dark background.


  • Watchtower - tower that generates rarely in mountains, contains an iron block at the top
  • Illager Ritual - site at which Illagers presumably perform rituals (note: I've never found one generated naturally, so there could be something wrong with its spawning conditions)
  • Temple - small temple composed of 8 short cobblestone pillars, with a cobblestone + in the center.
  • Amalgamations - random structures of wool, sand, and grass constructed by Endermen.
  • Giant Clams - large structures that can be found in the ocean. They are the only source of pearls.
  • Sword Statue - ancient sword statues built by some prehistoric, long gone civilization.
  • Fountain (small, large) - water fountains that appear randomly across the world.
  • Meteorite - a hot crater with a giant hunk of obsidian in the center.
  • Pot - block that can appear underground that drops random loot upon destruction
  • Giant Hive - round structure that spawns underground in Jungles. Contains numerous Bees and Bee Nests, as well as a few flowers.
  • Toxic Funnel - large funnel that spawns underground in Swamps. Contains Acid and a Toxic Vortex at the bottom. The acid can be swum through by gaining Toxic Resilience. Destroying any of the Toxic Sludge that makes up the funnel destroys the Vortex at the bottom.
  • Giant Sporeshroom - large fungus that spawns in the Spore Fields. The bulbs explode when destroyed.
  • Small Laboratory - destroyed laboratory that spawns in Nuclear Wastes.
  • Lab Tower - large destroyed laboratory that spawns in Nuclear Wastes.
  • Toxic Growth - giant fungus that spawns in the Toxic Depths. Comes in two sizes.
  • Spider Nest - rare underground structure made of Packed Silk. Contains many Cobwebs and Web Strands, as well as 4 Spawners in the bottom section.
  • Nether Crucible - rare Nether structure. Contains a pedestal with a Nether Forge on top. This is the only way to find and use a Nether Forge.


  • Redwood Forest - forest composed of giant redwood trees.
  • Volcanic Plains - ashen biome composed primarily of Basalt. Magma Cubes spawn naturally here. Petrified trees can rarely spawn on nearby grass.
  • Volcanic Plateau - ashen biome composed primarily of Basalt. Features giant mountains and natural deposits of Lava Geysers.
  • Apple Orchard - rare biome full of Apple Trees. Apple Tree Leaves will always drop apples.
  • Dry Grasslands - Savanna-type biome. The only biome where Tortoises can spawn.

Other Features

  • Saddles are now craftable with three leather, a lead, and an iron nugget.
  • Rotten flesh can be crafted into blocks for easier storage, because no one (no one) wants a chest full of rotten flesh.
  • Lanterns now create moth particles for added aesthetic.

Notes, tips, and warnings

  • Beware of running into Eye Flowers; you'll see (or rather, stop seeing) if you do.
  • The autocart is a car-like vehicle which can be used to cross terrain quickly. It is terrible in forests and in water, however.
  • Pearl Armor gives a great many water-related buffs.
  • Cheeseburgers have the highest hunger value in the game. Use them wisely.
  • Starfish can be obtained in creative mode, but do not generate in the world naturally. This is partially due to inability to create waterlogged blocks thus far.

And I think that wraps it up! If you enjoy this mod, please leave an upvote and comment about your favorite part!

More updates coming soon.

Modification files
vanilla_rebirth_1.0.jar - Vanilla Rebirth 1.0 - The Everything Update13.01 MB
Extended Vanilla 0.1.2.jar - Extended Vanilla 0.1.2 (minor update)10.3 MB
Extended Vanilla 0.1.1.jar - Extended Vanilla 0.1.1 - The Exploration Update10.23 MB
Extended Vanilla 0.1.0.jar - Extended Vanilla 0.1.0 - The Decoration Update10.18 MB

07/18/20 - released.

07/19/20 - adjusted Rion's healing factors and damage; adjusted Pearl Axe damage.

08/03/20 - added Alphabet Letters, crafted with Nether Quartz; added Lamps; added Marble; added Polished Marble which can be crafted into mob statues; added Wooden Lattices; added Multicolored Bricks.

08/24/20 - added Pots; added Potions of Flame (currently uncraftable); added Rope and Rope Coils; added Quicksand; added Redwood Forests; added Ropes and Rope Coils to pot loot tables; fixed alphabet recipe conflict; caused Bricks to not be consumed when thrown in creative mode.

10/27/20 - added Reinforced Leather Armor (crafted with iron and leather); allowed Jellyfish to damage colliding players; added a new boss called the Necromancer (currently unsummonable); adjusted how quicksand works; gave quicksand the ability to be smelted into normal sand.

5/11/21 - Released the Everything Update, removed Rion, removed the Necromancer, adjusted Marble texture.

this looks cooler than most vanilla extension mods (emerald, obsidian and lapis armour and tools) try putting the mod on a more popular site like curseforge or maybe you'l get more people interested there (:

I will be playing the cool mod. But I think you should improve the damage in the case of various weapons, if the white sword has 11 damage, the ax should have 13/14 damage, not 16. Boss looks nice but maybe give him more damage because in a diamond armor on prot 4 he does nothing to me and for he regenerates quickly and the fight with him is a bit boring because he gives him a funny dgm and he also gives me funny dgm XD. The rest of the mobs are interesting. Good mod :)

POLL QUESTION - should I make Rion teleport to the player every once in a while to keep him from pillaring infinitely into the sky?

Well, this Rion is so weak xD In the iron armor, I was smashed, I was playing cat and mouse with him, but you could give him a new blow, for example, when this lightning was the worst. But this boss is EZ maybe a bit more difficult than enderdragon but I assume you wanted to make him stronger than Wither? Incidentally, why this boss is the drowners do not attack me: P
But I'm waiting for more water mobs because it's going to be great, you can do Neptune as a boss: D

And generally what program did you do Rion on. That the textures haven't broken?