Tomato and Spoon Mod

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This mod is mainly used for booing boring commedians.

But there is other uses of this mod. Not many uses though...:(.

New Items

  • Spoon
  • Tomato
  • Boo Tomato
  • Boo Spoon


New Blocks

  • Tomato Plant


Tomato plants are particularly anywhere on grassy lands.

Destroying a tomato plant will give you a tomato.

You can eat the tomato to restore hunger points, or you can craft the boo tomato with it.


Boo Tomato Recipe

Ink Sac    



The boo tomato is an ammo for the boo spoon.

To craft a boo spoon, you will need to craft a spoon.


Spoon Recipe

    Wooden Slab (Any Type)


Boo Spoon Recipe

Inc Sac  




Now you can use the spoon to fling the tomatoes to the bad commedians! BOO BOO BOO!

Modification files
tomatoandspoonmod.jar - tomatoandspoonmod.jarUploaded on: 07/02/2018 - 04:21   File size: 30.72 KB

I have to invent the spoon and the boo spoon because I don't know how to make the boo tomato just be thrown in the hand (Like a snowball.)

If anyone have a solution to this, please leave a reply on this comment.

You can make a new ranged item, the tomato, that shoots itself instead of arrows. For making it stack, you need to code. You just need to edit a number, I don't remember where was that number.
Remember that by making the tomato a ranged item it won't be a food.
Anyways nice mod
Sorry for bad English