Spooky Feast

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Academic Free License v3.0
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Turn Crud into Cuisine!

Spooky Feast is a mod made for turning the ickiest edible items into fun delightful treats. The catch? You'll have to befriend a Creepy Druid for the Purifying Salt necessary to remove the negative effects of your ingredients.

This is my first foray into making a mod for anything, so constructive feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. I was somewhat inspired by the Gross and Spooky Foods of the browser game Neopets.

The Creepy Druid

A villager may find themselves on a weird path if given access to an enchantment table. They may cackle like a witch, but are using their freaky magic for good.

Monster Mash

When your hunger for the disturbing hits its peak, you'll need to craft something so powerful even a masterful druid will seek it. This item is made using every other food added in this mod and a cauldron to contain it all. Eating this truly spooky feast has its rewards, but also may be too powerful for our stomachs to process.

Modification files
spookyFeast-1.0.jar - Spooky Feast 1.0Uploaded on: 11/08/2023 - 23:42   File size: 48.22 KB

It's really nice makin use of less useful or useless items like the rotten flesh and poisonous potatoes. Altough I feel like the sprites could be improved, especially the junk salad and the witchy brew, Minecraft sprites still, most of the time, use outlines, they're colored outlines but they still help the item in standing out.