InfernalCraft 2018 Edition & 2019 New Snapshot

Published by DeralTGM on Sat, 05/27/2017 - 08:31
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The mod InfernalCraft add's allot to minecraft like one sword that do's above 1000Million Attack Damage and more swords that dos above 200 attack damage, it adds allot of new blocks, allot of New Guns like the BFG from the Game DOOM Lazer blasters and allot of other awesome guns, aton of new armor and one Armor that is ofcourse the best armor in the mod that gives you Millions of protection, allot of new Ores and Items and tools, Dimensions and allot of Biomes, allot of Mobs And some with has their own Custom Model, 14 Bosses some do above 100k attack Damage, Decoration blocks, and Allot More!

                                                                                     Download now to discover more if you want

                                                           ( also the 2019 update will by EPIC!! i promise allot of bugs and AI erros will by fixed also )

                                                                                                              (It will by Awesome!!)



                           [you don't need to go to every dimension becuerse from every dimension is one Biome that you can find in you world most of them....]

                                                                                      the text is bolt to by enable to read it better

                                                                (Official InfernalCraft Site

      (if you would like to check out The Creators You tube channel link is here please click on it :P)(…)

Modification files
InfernalCraft2019SNAPSHOT.jar - Newest and most recommended Snapshot better than the 2018 edition i hope you will enjoy it :)Uploaded on: 07/15/2018 - 12:15   File size: 4.05 MB
InfernalCraft.jar - 2018 EditionUploaded on: 12/30/2017 - 18:28   File size: 7.32 MB

this modification is canseled, this mod iw bieng recreated, links are here:


i didn't can upload a full screenshot cuz it was too big my apologies

Nice Mod But Please Help Me I hAVE a tEXTURE bUG iN mcREATOR 1.7.5 fOR mINECRAFT 1.11.2 iN Armor :D

jes i know i tried a lot of things butt i think its my mcreator at self so i probably need to wait till mcreator updates sorry for the bad things ;b

i don't now i have the same problem and other modifications have the same problem i think it's a mcreator Bug

Congratulations for MOTW :)
I think that you should make the description a bit cleaner, on my mobile is very messy :(
Also you should remove the link on the main picture, it covers the image :(

What bug fixes? Doesn't mcreator do all the job for you already? Are you a specialist forge developer?