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Minecraft Forge mod
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                                                 THIS MOD NEEDS ATTRIBUTEFIX TO WORK CORRECTLY!!



This mod is in early stages, Its a reboot of my older mod InfernalCraft,

I am trying to improve and recreate the older version of this mod, Because it wasn't too impressive,

What's in this mod currently:

- swords and weapons.

- One gun.

- Dimensions and crafting blocks.

- some Entity's and bosses.

- Custom 3D models.

- and more.


future releases will add more contend and possible improved 3D models and textures,

this mod is a PRE ALPHA Mod, there are big changes comming and bieng added soon, If you have any issues or bugs or whatever this is an Alpha, Please notice me about these issues on our discord or where else you can contact me,



Discord 2-


Modification files
InfernalCraft_4.jar - Requires AttributeFix to work Correctly! else stuff won't load correctly12.14 MB

The following Changes are not uploaded yet. their in development,


New 2 Bosses, The icon of sin *2stages With 250K HP points

Minor changes to textures

New passive mob added -Dread spider. can be tamed with a zombie meat bone, New custom skin has been added too.

New dimension added with custom structures trees and more.

and some stuff more.