Better Craft

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Hello, I am going to tell you today what this mod adds to Minecraft and what sorts of great stuff you can do with it! 

In this mod, you can now craft more things. You can now craft things like end portal frames and you can turn slabs back into full blocks! 

This mod also adds new blocks. You can find all the new blocks and tools in the new mod tab. The new blocks include: Smooth Concrete blocks, Grass ore,  Lapis Diamond Ore, air block, and last but not least Rainbow glass block.

The new grass wand can turn every block into grass with right-click.

This mod also adds a new music disc called "Minecraft Remix". It sounds amazing!

The new command is: "/remix".  


I hope you enjoy the mod! -The creator

Modification files
Better-Craft-V1.12_0.jar - Added a lot of cool things!Uploaded on: 03/07/2021 - 09:57   File size: 2.09 MB

-Added Rainbow Glass

-Added Air Block

-Fixed the GUI name of the lapis diamond ore block

Me with grass wand at y-0: Let's go, in and out, ten minutes adventure.