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Published by JC'S MODS on Sat, 02/01/2020 - 21:31
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Awaking Of the Undead God

There once was a explore who found the tombs of the desert, He came across this odd marking on the floor. When he examined it, It started to glow a faint illuminate and something awoke from its slumber. A new and powerful creature has risen and now awaiting to find the one who awoke it. With his powerful scythe in hand he sent his powerful creature to cause havoc to those daring to enter his tomb. It takes a hero to stop this powerful god to save the world. Will you defeat the god and save your world or will the monsters and this god rule over the land?

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Thank you guys for using our mod. We worked really hard and hope to improve this more if possible. If you guys want to give us feedback let us know at my email (orochimarucallicott4@gmail.com) we really appreciated and if you guys have suggestion just let us know. Think You :)