BUT IT'S JUST ROCK! mod - more rock tools

Published by August14 on Fri, 05/21/2021 - 13:08
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Hi there

This is a pretty small mod that I wanted to make when I played with a terrain generation mod with normal stone being pretty rare... And I thought. Why don't I make a mod with MORE rock tools? (And swords :D) that's what I did. I don't know if this has been done many times before, but I felt like doing it anyway ;)




ATM. the mod contains:

Granite tools and sword

Diorite tools and sword

Andesite tools and sword              -  tell me if the textures look too much like the stone tools on this one :]

Sandstone tools and sword

Obsidian tools and sword

Prismarine tools and sword             -  more power in water when in "main hand"

Lapiz tools and sword             -  get XP from harvesting, breaking blocks and damaging

End stone tools and sword

Bone tools and sword


A rock grinder that is for converting any rock to cobblestone - sadly I could not get it to work, but maybe I will figure it out sometime.

Modification files
BUT IT'S JUST ROCK! mod 1-0 _ 1-16-5.jar - Here is the 1.0 version. pls let me know what you think :PUploaded on: 05/21/2021 - 13:27   File size: 265.05 KB

I have a question... how have the moderators not taken your mod down? (I have a mod that dose something simpler, plus it adds weapon/tool hilts) but it keeps getting taken down for being an "Ore pack" despite not being an ore pack...


First off, your question seems a little unclear to me idk if it's because you got the same idea before me or if it is because your mod keeps getting taken down and that alone?

So basically i don't know if i'm the problem or you want help for something?

Second thing, I have no interest in taking people's ideas and making them seem like it was mine. That is not what I intended to do, so if that is your problem - then I can just take down the mod.

i read this online: Ore pack is a minecraft mod which adds new ores, new tool and new armor

and i think a toolpack is something else (like for an example a "builder-tool pack" that works as a plugin for creative mode) and that is why they take it down but i'm not very into those kinda things so i can't help you more than that.

I just set my mod type to “other” just so I won't get in problems like you and I have no idea why my mod was not taken down...