Better Caves

Published by kian1388 on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 17:40
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bigger caves

more stones(Basalt Marble Limestone Jasber and slate)

slagmites(theres 1 out of 8 chance that cave is a slagmite cave and has slagmites)

Crystals(Red Green and Blue ones that will spawn in below y30)

skeleton miners(this skeletons have rare chance of spawning in this skeletons can open and close doors and attack you they will drop bones rare chance of  dropping miner helmet and pickaxe)

miner helmet(gives you night vision if you were it and can be repair with gold ingots)

I will make one for mc 1.15.2 in future

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in 1.0

the main stuffs

in 1.1

new textures for more stones

slagmites are in decorations tap now

aren't you guys waiting for simple tech mod easy tech and working laptops with chrome and amazon