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This Mods main focus is to add an obtainable way to temporarily change to Creative Mode in a Survival Minecraft. It achieves this through the "Scroll Of Creation": a magical artifact that, albeit temporary, grants god-like powers.

This is a small mod that adds ten items: 

Mortar And Pedestal - Crafted from 3 Stone Blocks, and a Stone Shovel. Stays in the crafting grid after it's used.

Alchemical Dust - Crafted from A Blaze Powder surrounded by 4 Redstone and 4 Glowstone.

Magical Dust - Crafted from A Mortar And Pedestal surrounded by four Alchemical Dust and 4 Lapis Luzuli.

Dragon Egg Dust - Crafted from A Mortar And Pedestal, and A Dragon Egg.

Stardust - Crafted from A Mortar And Pedestal, and A Nether Star.

Ink Bottle - Crafted from any Lingering Potion that is surrounded by 4 Ink Sacks.

Ink Of Creation - Crafted from an Ink Bottle, 4 Magical Dust, A Stardust, Dragon Egg Dust, A Totem Of Undying, and Any enchanted book. It is only obtainable through crafting.

Quill - Crafted from a Feather, an Iron Nugget, and an Ink Sack. Can make A Book and Quill.

Blank Scroll - Crafted from 3 pieces of paper in a column, with a stick in each corner.

Scroll Of Creation - Crafted from a Quill, A Blank Scroll, and One Bottled Ink Of Creation. Puts the player into Creative mode for 60 seconds. It is only obtainable through crafting.

This mod can only be played in survival, and it is not intended for servers.

Hope you guys enjoy :)

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Interesting mod. :)

I just suggest that you polish up your mod image. Change the white space to something else.