Apocalypse Now

Published by JPZamps on Tue, 02/02/2021 - 05:27
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Apocalypse Now


Apocalypse now is a mod based entirely on a world taken over by zombies with different structures and new itens like weapons, armor, backpacks and various types of walkers,the mod features a wide variety of melee and survival weapons inspired by various games and movies from zombies, the mod is in the first stage and features zombies looters and survivors 

Explore the world to find diverse structures and collect varied resources like weapons and armor and try to survive as long as you can

The main focus of the mod is the melee weapons, but soon I intend to release an update on firearms that make them less strange



*The mod currently includes a total of 77 melee weapons and 24 firearms 

-Melee Weapons List

-Baseball Bat

-Basseball Bat Naield

-Bassball Bat with Iron

-Baseball Bat Wired

-Baseball bat eletrical

-Iron Baseball Bat


-Sledge Hammer


-Fire Axe

-Wood fire Axe

-Iron Pipe


-Combat Axe

-Combat Knife

-Kitchen Knife

-Broken Glass

-Broken Bottle

-Scrap Knife



-Stick With Saw


-Survival Knife


-Black Crowbar


-Military Knife

-Englishpunch Knife

-Switch Knife

-Sharped Stick

-Improvised Spear


-Improvised Hammer


-Hockey Stick

-Golf Stick



-Reaper Knife

-Tatical Knife


-Slitting Pliers

-Table knife

-Scythe Knife

-Cowboy Knife

-Cutted Machete


-Simple Machete


-Pipe Wrench

-Improvised Mace


-Throwable Knife

-Fire Extinguisher

-Baseball Bat With Saw



-Tatical Machete



-Broken Pool Cue


-Nailed stick

-Comb knife

-Eletrical combataxe

-Eletrical Club



-Lumberjack axe (red)


-Construction axe

-Construction hammer

-Constructio  shovel

-Military Shovel


-Emergency axe



-Long knife

-Meat hammer

-Spiked Iron baseball bat

-List of Ranged weapons


-Colt M1902

-MP 433


-Taurus Mangnun

-Berreta 96

-Colt .45

-Beretta M9


-FN Scar




-Remington 870




-Karabiner Scooped(and no scooped)








Each Gun have their on type of ammo to reload an empty gun just put the gun and the ammo on the crafting grid


Kind of summary

*Looters have 4 variations while zombies have around 43 variations (Some of these variations are just changes in skins and some are crawlers)

*There are survivors that can be found on bases they wont attack you but will attack looters and walkers

*The survivors have 9 skins

*The structures are around 45-55 variants by the maps containing only 4 massive structures  (some structures are really difficult to find and contain rare loot)

*The mod also contains several foods that comes in the form of canned foods and new drinks such as juices and other varied, as well as the addition of a canteen

*The mod contains new blocks like, new types of chests, sandbags, a new block made of scrapmetal and spikes that can be used to defend your base, 5 new doors and 5 new grids

*Also around 20 new types of armor unique and stylized to be found

*There are 8 types of healing itens

*There are 5 types of backpacks

*There are 5 types of grenades

*There are 5 new effects (Bleeding can only be stoped by bandage, infection and serius infection can only be stoped by antibiotics,eletrick shock cannot be stoped and an broken leg can be heald by using an split)

The mod may contain some difficulty ...

I have great updates for this mod and I hope that a lot of people can have fun with it and i pretend to make an 1.15.2 uptade, if you have fun with the mod leave your opinion or suggestion below, as well as any errors found all this would be a lot of help thank you. and I'm also a beginner and my this is my first mod so be kind :p





Modification files


-added 10 new melee weapons

-added an coktel molotov

-added an new skin for survivors

-added 3 new effects

-added 1 new healing item

-added 1 new material

-added recipes 

-added 12 new structures and improved 1

-added 2 new walkers skins

-mobs from minecraft dont long spawn in the word

-fix the overflow spawn of walkers in the word and fixed some of the lag


-added 3D guns with ammo and magazines

-added a 3D katana

-added 3 new melee weapons

-added 2 new suits

-fix somes AI 

-added crawlers on the game


-Fix os some weapons damage

-Addes the backpacks 

-Added 3 new typs of walkers skin

-Added a new door

-Added eletrical weapons

-Added new military type structures

-Added 10 new weapons