Sosarian Green Thorns Mod

Published by Kinyoshi on Wed, 07/01/2020 - 06:42
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(Green Thorn Plant and Snake Plant mean the same thing, Snake plant is the in game name, also a few final touches will finish up this version of this mod, coming really soon)

This mod adds a new item (Green Thorns) that you obtain from a plant that spawns and can be grown. The Green Thorn Fragments can be planted like normal crops on soil. The Green Thorn Plant will drop another thorn.. To fully utilize the plant, you need to right click it with one of these dyes: red, green, blue, and black. This will make the plant go to the next stage.

After you right click on the plant with your chosen dye, DO NOT WALK ON THE PLANT!!!!  Not without having Leather Armor equipped first, as the leather armor will negate the effect of the plants on you, but will instead take damage themselves. You can ONLY harvest the colored plants when you have leather armor equipped AND be under the effect of the plant... DON'T DIE!!

The colored plants drop the items below: (when you right click the normal green thorn plant with the chosen dye)

(Red) Thorn Plant of Harming:  Arrow of Harming

(Green) Thorn Plant of Poison:  Arrow of Poison

(Blue) Thorn Plant of Slowness:  Arrow of Slowness

(Black) Thorn Plant of Weakness:  Arrow of Weakness


Also, there is something about a Sosarian Stick.. This is obtained by breaking the second to last stage of the thorn plant.. you put the stick in the ground, it is a rain stick.. This item is (for me) mainly used for my upcoming lucky item mod, :D!!..!!


BETTER DOCUMENTATION COMING AT SOME POINT!! My lucky item mod is going to be another mod that is coming soon!!!




1.0.0 Should be the final version, still working on the 1.12.2 version, ran into a bug so it will take more time

LOVE IT so much !!
i mean, great idea. maybe it could also drop the drops of a mob walking inside it?

I'll keep that in mind, thank you for the idea, I am working hard on this, it just takes a while because of job, testing my mods stuffs and other mod ideas I'm working on.

Sorry for posting so soon before it's even done, just excited about it. I am working hard on it.

no it's ok, this is a great mod. it's small, and the textures are really good. some ideas:
- "sosarian green thorn fragments" could be shortened to "sosarian thorn fragments".
- the snake plant is weird, especially how its planted thorns are really big. maybe improve its texture, and even change its name to "sosarian thorn vine"?
- make the snake plants spawn in a "sosarian thorn jungle".
- it's dropping items based on what block it's on, right? that's real cool.

I removed the Sosarian part of the item names, and changed around the texture a bit and added a few stages to the snake plant so it was the same size as the planted thorn.

The reason it is named snake plant, because the plant and green thorn it is based off of is named snake plant..

and for the mobs walking in it part.. I'm going to add (thanks to you) the collision detection and whatever mob walks in it will override the normal drop and go with mob related stuff, so chickens will make them drop feather and eggs, etc.

Thank you for you feedback on this :)

good update! since you're taking suggestions on drops:
- grass - seeds
- dirt, sand, gravel, grass path, coarse dirt - flint
- podzol - charcoal
- mycelium - both types of mushrooms
- stones - 93% chance cobblestone, 1% chance to drop one of each mineral
- ores - 4-6 of each mineral
- mineral blocks - 7-12 of each mineral
- bone block - bonemeal
- logs - saplings, sticks
- cauldron - random potion

You're going to hate me, but I changed this mod all around to make room more a different style lucky item mod... This thorn mod turned out pretty neat though :D, can't wait for y'alls feedback on this one!