Published by Apollo 68 on Wed, 04/14/2021 - 20:13
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PicklCraft is a mod that adds many new biomes, building blocks, ores, tools, weapons, food, and more to the game of Minecraft. The mod is constantly being worked on every week. Comment if anything doesn't work or is confusing and I will try to respond with a way to help or fix it in the mod. Thank you.



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PicklCraft Alpha 1.0.1.jar - PicklCraft Alpha 1.0.1Uploaded on: 04/15/2021 - 17:34   File size: 412.56 KB

-Added Abandoned Moon Base structure to Moon Dimension

-Added Crate

-Added Recipes for everything

-Added Coronite Ore, Block, Weapons, and Armor.

-Added Astatine Ore, Block, Weapons, and Armor.

-Fixed Sapphire Generation Glitch.

I hope this doesn't bother you, maybe it's intentionaly written so, but it should be spelled pickle.

It’s meant to be spelt like that! I know it’s spelt pickle I asked some of my friends when I was testing the mod if they had any names and they sad do PickleCraft without the E and then it became PicklCraft. Also hope you like the mod!

It would be cool if you could add a Pickling mechanic since Pickles don't grow naturally, unless the Pickl is entirely different :)