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It's exactly what it sounds like. A Mod that lets you upgrade your ender pearl to become a "Friender Pearl" or "Pearl of the Sea". Additionally it allows you to upgrade your ender eye to a "Eye of Hell", "Eye of The Void", "Eye Of The Mine", or "Eye of The Sky".

Additionally, two "Pearls of The World" can be crafted from a Eye of The Void, Eye Of The Mine, Eye of The Sky, two Pearls of the Sea, and four Grass Blocks.

A New Item, "The Magical Bottle" is added as well. It can be filled with Essence. Different types of essence can be obtained via a 25% chance when clicking on various things with the bottle in your main hand. The Hellfire Essence can be obtained from fire in the Nether, Void from air in the End, Wind from air at an altitude of 127 or higher in the Overworld, and Essence of the Deep from clicking on Bedrock. 

Holy Water Essence is unique as it requires a Totem of Undying, or both a Golden Apple and Golden Carrot to be in your inventory. Alternatively, you could have a End Crystal/Nether Star with a Redstone Dust/Glowstone Dust.

Essences are mainly just used to craft the pearls, but have unique uses of their own:
Bottled Wind - moves the player to a random air block within a 30 block radius, without lowering the y value.
Essence of The Deep - moves the player to a random air block within a 30 radius, but cannot higher the y value.
Bottled Void Essence- moves the player under the world.
Bottle of Hellfire - sets the player on fire
Bottle of Holy Water - heals the player.

Upgraded Pearls:
Friender Pearl - Same as a ender pearl, but spawns an "Unnamed Player" entity when it hits a player.
Pearl of The Sea - It either places or removes a water block at the spot where the player is teleported.
Eye of The Mine - Is supposed to teleport the player to the nearest highest block that cannot see the sky. It is currently broken.
Eye of The Void - Teleports the player to the end, if already in the end it teleports the player under the world. Additionally, if the eye hits a mob, it will teleport the mob under the world.
Eye Of Hell - Teleports the player to the nether, if already in the nether acts like a ender pearl.
Eye of The Sky - Teleports the player to the highest possible y-value.
World Pearl - Teleports the player to the overworld, if already in the overworld - acts like an ender pearl and sets a spawn point.

In the Nether: Eye of The Skys, Eye of The Mines, Eye of Hells and Eye of The Seas will act like normal ender pearls.

Bewarned, if you are attempting to enter the Nether or End for the first time using a pearl - the game will crash.
Once you reload it works fine.

This mod uses no World Varabiles, and as such, should be able to work on multiplayer servers.

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