Dusty's eggs+

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too many eggs in your chest?

eggs taking up too much space?

Ever wanted to do more with eggs?

now you can! :D


A light weight vanilla+ mod 

adds in several in new recipes 




Fried egg 

Egg in a nest

Custard pie


Creme brulee


how to craft?

Toast: default bread can be smelted in the furnace, fire pit, or smoker to become toast. 

Fried egg: default chicken egg can be smelted in the furnace, fire pit, or smoker to become Fried egg. 

Egg in an nest: add both a Fried egg and a Toast into any crafting table. the recipe is shapeless.

Custard pie: in a crafting table add 6 eggs into the top 2X3 of the crafting grid. then add wheat into the 3X1 and 3X3 square of the grid. lasty adding in a single sugar into the 3X2 slot. then craft!

Pudding: add a default bowl an egg and one sugar into any crafting grid.

Creme brulee: put Pudding into Furnace or Smoker.

Modification files
dustsmofood-1.0.0-neoforge-1.20.4.jarUploaded on: 05/25/2024 - 19:36   File size: 23.81 KB
dustsmofood-1.0.0-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 05/26/2024 - 06:07   File size: 23.45 KB