Dirt Expansion

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Dirt Expansion

Dirt Expansion is a small mod offering a new type of dirt similar to other polished building blocks. We also offer dirt slabs and dirt stairs. Every block has a recipe.

We aren't very creative so new ideas (vanilla style) would be nice


Here is the block names.

Polished Dirt, Polished Dirt Slab, Polished Dirt Stairs.

Dirt, Dirt Slab, Dirt Stairs.

Modification files
Dirt Expansion (1.17.1).jar - First Release. Core of mod added.Uploaded on: 01/01/2022 - 00:47   File size: 27.89 KB

woah.. dirt slab is the first slab by notch that is being scrapped before stone slabs was added.

isn't polishing wiping off the dirt? so isnt polished dirt just air?