Caves And Cliffs Concept

Published by supermj767 on Thu, 10/08/2020 - 16:48
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            Minecraft 1.17 recreation supermj767

Please visit the Curse forge version for more common updates {Here}


 This is my recreation of the upcoming Caves And Cliffs 1.17 update!


I have successfully created every block in the upcoming 1.17 update but not all of them work, so bare with me as im creating all of the actions the blocks and things do, and soon after that i will begin to make the mobs.


over 1000 downloads in less than a week on curseforge!


Mod showcases

wattles showcase

Niche Ducks showcase




Current blocks in the latest version

Each block has its own functions


Copper - turns greenish blue over time


Amethyst Geode - grows Amethyst Crystals on them over time


Stalagmite - can be placed on the ground / Stalactite - can be placed on the ceiling



Dripleaf - an unstable platform that will tip over slowly

Baby Dripleaf


Glow Berry Vine - Grows glow berries over time, it can also be climbed


Azalea Trees - these do not spawn yet, but will soon

Azalea Roots

Hanging Azalea Roots


Clay Pot - this is aesthetic only for now, a use will come in a later version


New stones - nobody really knows what these are but they were shown at MC live



Candles - a new lighting block!


Powdered Snow - "Snowier Snow" as said in the video :)


Sculk Block - the brand new Sculk Block!


Sculk Chute - an unknown block... for now


Sculk Growth - this will spawn in the Deep Dark


Sculk Sensor

These do not work yet


Moss - Cosmetic block coming in the Caves And Cliffs update


Spore Blossom - a beautiful new plants coming to the Caves and Cliffs update


Baby Azalea Trees



Lightning Rod

These do not work yet



Problems im aware of

Generation is not a thing yet 


mobs are not in yet 


i am missing a few items


1.16.x is not out yet



Archaeology is coming soon

 Check out my bro's channel on YT

Please do not publish my mod on another website without my permission.

Please do not create videos about my mod without giving me proper credit and telling me.


This mod will add almost everything pronounced at MC live


This update is so large and i just wanted to give ppl the ability to experience it before the release of any snapshot or test or whatever



Modification files
C&C(FG1.15.2) v1.0.2.jar - C&C Forge 1.15.2 v1.0.2330.2 KB
C&C(FG1.12.2) 1.0.4.jar - C&C(FG1.12.2) 1.0.4442.87 KB
C&C(FG1.15.2) 1.0.5.jar - C&C(FG1.15.2) 1.0.5487.03 KB
C&C(FG1.15.2) 1.0.7.jar - C&C(FG1.15.2) 1.0.7786.07 KB




this looks awesome, also will you attempt to add the warden? its my favourite part of the deep dark or whatever its called

Nice! I was gonna make this but it seems like I don' have to now!

Ps - I think Powder Snow (snowier snow) has the same texture/model as normal snow, it's supposed to be like a trap block

This mod is awesome! How did you make the plants that hang from the ceiling?