more weapon mod

Published by zxnm on Tue, 06/09/2020 - 06:22
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baguette 🥖



ADDED Troselb spear
ADDED Diamond knight sword

ADDED Carbon Fiber Armor

ADDED Carbon Fiber Armor crafting recipes(craft with coal/charcoal)

ADDED mjolnir

deal 10 melee damage(u can throw it,after it hit something,u will get ur hammer back)

ADDED Saint Eintifer Sword

deal 15 damage 

Added landmine but i forgot to add to the list

i really forgot this little block for 3-4 days lol(around 4 updates)

Added baguette sword

deal 8.5 damage

Added kevlar armor

Added M1(TANK)

if you want the tank to fire u will need a "gun fire allowed" item on ur main hand,if u want to fire explosives,hold the "bomb fire allowed" item on ur main hand

ARF Explosives launcher

launch ARF Explosive

ARF Explosives

ammo for ARF Explosives launcher

RF Explosives launcher

launch RE Explosives

RF Explosives

ammo for RE Explosive launcher

HE Explosive launcher

launch high Explosive

HE Explosive

ammo for HE Explosive launcher

"gun fire allowed" item

to fire the tank and GSH 630

GSH 630

to fire it,just hold a "gun fire allowed" item on ur main hand
ZK 5 3 1

a gun that fire 5 bullet at once,dealing 50+ damage at 1 shot

new creative tag for better item finding

spartan armor

armor lol [really no idea why i add this]

a spartan with a rocket launcher

Nokia armor

nearly invincible armor set(idk why i added this too lol)

nokia armor

defensive wall block,slab,fence,wall.pane and trapdoor

these block have very high blast resistance,best for fortresses build

Watsma sword

a sword that give you luck effect when u hold in your main hand,also it will summon lighting when you use it to hit a mob

press Z when holding range items will show a overlay,makes you easier to aim (maybe)

added a new mob:rollator

have a very high speed,have 0.01% chances of summoning help when hurt

Added Staight sword

if u like it,please upvote  :)

Modification files
more weapon 20200621.jar - last ver of dev phase 1848.93 KB

please if you don't have enough time just keep the upload mod page open and edit it later

uhm i downloaded the mod and it didnt add anything to the game. is that a bug?

this is a good mod it was hard to find the items since they dont have a good item name but still really good

the update is really cool all it needs is a tab for the items cause to find the items you need to scroll to bottom on search thing

Press.the upvote button for me plz

Really nice but i don't know the link with the spartan armor and the tank. But the it is very well made.