Siren Head: Return

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Siren Head: Return                                   


Description:Hello! This mod adds well-knowed Siren Head, a rotten body with siren pole instead of head. Mod also adds some small structures, places destroyed by Siren Head.

Please leave comment, it really helps!


Siren Head:

-Spawns rarely in all types of forests

-Drops a lot of xp but it's really hard to kill him

-On day they will try to restrict sun

-They can also stun player next to it

-They can instantly kill player, even with diamond armor

-Siren Head sounds can be heard from long distance

-Better flee when you hear him!

-Use Lure Block crafted with note blocks, coal blocks and redstone to lure Siren Head to you!

-He can sometimes spawn as Lamp Head!

Paranormal Photo Collector:

-New type of villager!

-He spawns after some time when Notice Board is placed in the world

-You can sell him Siren Head Photos and Videos!

-He drops emeralds


Lamp Head:

-New rare type of Siren Head!

-He can blind nearby players

-Unlike Siren Head, he is shy killer

-He is also little bit faster!



-Crafted with 7 dark wools glass and a redstone dust

-You can use it to make photos of Siren Head

-When it will burn out use ink sack in crafting to repair it


Paranormal Photo:

-You can give it to Photo Collector to get some emeralds



-Crafted with black concrete, redstone and quartz!

-You can use it to make Siren Head Videos that give you more emeralds in Paranormal Trading


Lure Block:

-Crafted with coal blocks, note blocks and redstone!

-Place it down and after some time Siren Head will arrive nearby!


Notice Board:

-Crafted with paranormal photo and 8 planks!

-Place it down and after some time Photo Collector will arrive at your destination!



-Crafted with diamond, redstone and stone slabs

-If there are any Siren Heads near you they will get glowing effect when clicking on the device

Terms of use:

-You are not allowed to register this mod on other  pages without my agreement

-You can use parts of this mod in non-public mods of yours (Except sounds use them were you want :D)

-If you have any questions or suggestions go to our forum

-You can use this mod in your modpack, just give link to this page


Siren Head is created by Trevor Henderson (@slimyswampghost)

Modification files
SirenHeadReturn1.12.2Build.V4.jarUploaded on: 07/11/2020 - 09:17   File size: 1.19 MB
SirenHeadReturn1.12.2Build.V5.jarUploaded on: 07/16/2020 - 11:47   File size: 1.21 MB
SirenHeadReturn1.12.2Build.V6.1.jarUploaded on: 07/22/2020 - 12:46   File size: 1.95 MB
SirenHeadReturn1.12.2Build.V7.jarUploaded on: 08/11/2020 - 19:19   File size: 1.99 MB

-Version V2:

Changed: Remodeled and retextured Siren Head, changed some Siren AI

Added: New sounds for Siren Head, Lure Block, Scratched Dirt and it bloody variant {For now unused}


-Version V3:

Changed: Structure generation{They are now more rare}, Scratched Dirt now generate in some structures

Added:Photo Collector, Camera, Paranormal Photo, Notice Board, New Small Structures


-Version V4:

Changed:Removed graveyard structure, now Siren Head spawns in forests, Notice Board timer is now shorter, Fixed some bugs.

Added:When struck by lightning, he get health and speed boost


-Version V5:


Added:Lamp Head, 2 new commands


-Version V6:

Changed:Added, Changed and Updated Siren Head sounds, Lure Block model and recipe, Fixed a lot of bugs

Added:Phone, New sounds


-Version V7

Changed:Renamed ,,Monster Catcher" to ,,Monster Trader", Fixed some bugs

Added:Locator, A lot of new goals

the mod is very good, but you can change the color of the siren head, its color goes more red than brown, change the color to a browner one

nice mod, some mods are pretty nice, this is should be like Siren Head Game idk why, i ignore these games, so i making a mod if there's a trevor henderson -

@szwagier3331 can you please add your mod on please because some server host can't add mods that are not from curseforge.
:D thank

well shoot
I had been working on a decent siren head mod for a while and turns out you've already made a better one lmao

Have any ideas about mod? I don't have ideas for next update so write your ideas in mod forum

The mod will be not updated for some time, because I'm working on new project. Stay Tuned!