Siren Head: Return

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Siren Head: Return                                   


Description:Hello! This mod adds well-knowed Siren Head, a rotten body with siren pole instead of head. Mod also adds some small structures, places destroyed by Siren Head.

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Siren Head:

-Spawns only on graveyard structure

-Drops a lot of xp but it's really hard to kill him

-On day they will try to restrict sun

-They can also stun player next to it

-They can instantly kill player, even with diamond armor

-Siren Head sounds can be heard from long distance

-Better flee when you hear him!

-Use Lure Block crafted with note block and coal to lure Siren Head to you!

Paranormal Photo Collector:

-New type of villager!

-He spawns after some time when Notice Board is placed in the world

-You can sell him Siren Head Photos!

-He drops emeralds



-Crafted with 7 dark wools glass and a redstone dust

-You can use it to make photos of Siren Head

-When it will burn out use ink sack in crafting to repair it


Paranormal Photo:

-You can give it to Photo Collector to get some emeralds


Lure Block:

-Crafted with note block and 8 coal

-Place it down and after some time Siren Head will arrive nearby!


Notice Board:

-Crafted with paranormal photo and 8 planks!

-Place it down and after some time Photo Collector will arrive at your destination!

Future Plans:

-Adding more small structures
Project members
Lead developer
Model designer
Texture designer
Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

-Version V2:

Changed: Remodeled and retextured Siren Head, changed some Siren AI

Added: New sounds for Siren Head, Lure Block, Scratched Dirt and it bloody variant {For now unused}


-Version V3:

Changed: Structure generation{They are now more rare}, Scratched Dirt now generate in some structures

Added:Photo Collector, Camera, Paranormal Photo, Notice Board, New Small Structures