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Long ago, your ancestors fought agaisnt the Gem race, humanoid beings with advanced technology invading the world to steal its resources, and while they did win, now that they are gone, if the gems were to come back, would you be able to push them back?



Discover the ruined structures of the Gem race, their drowned spires, fallen towers and the fields of devastation they've left behind.


Die, and be reborn as a Gem

And once the Gem Empire returns, fight back

[Not Implemented yet though]


This mod adds Steven Universe content into the world of minecraft, which will include technology, enemies, gem weapons, structures and much more!


The mod is still in development and i will be trying my best to keep it frequently updated. As a team of exactly one person, i would appreciate some help, even the most simple such as just joining the discord and enjoying the mod! ^^


I still have big plans for this mod, so stay tuned!


How to Become a Gem


Find the logs of the ancient explorer. An ancient builder that lived during the Gem invasion, and seemed to have tried some interesting experiments regarding Gem creation…


You will find his logs preserved in his hideouts, with each including a recipe of a block needed to do the injecting process, which is initiated by activating an Injector drill into the Gem block as designed by the explorer.


Watch out for the backlash, it might be more than you can handle…


( Ancient Explorer’s Hideout )


Fix the Lunar Sea Spire


With the schematics of a Moon Goddess Statue found on the barrels in the Lunar Sea Spire, use a Assembly Table found on the Ruined Stardust Tower (Found in Kindergarten Biomes) to craft it. 


Put it upon the altar, and when the moon is just above it, get ready to purge.


( The Lunar Sea Spire )





Trello Wiki:

Modification files
SUGems-1.0.1-1.19.4.jarUploaded on: 11/18/2023 - 17:57   File size: 1.81 MB
SUGems-1.0.0-1.19.4.jarUploaded on: 11/16/2023 - 19:01   File size: 1.81 MB
SUGems-0.9.0-1.19.2.jarUploaded on: 09/03/2023 - 14:19   File size: 583.6 KB

Changelog - 1.0.1

  • Improved Kindergarten biome generation
  • Changed the Gem Assembly Table's model
  • Fixed Injector spawning and placement

Changelog - 1.0.0

  • Added gem colors, all of the 16 minecraft colors are included.
  • Bubbling added. While shifting and looking at a gem, press G to bubble them and press right click on a bubble to grab it, hit a bubble to pop it.
  • The Lunar Sea Spire cries out to it's goddess. By crafting a Moon Goddess Statue through the Gem Assembly Table, you will now be able to fix the spire by placing it on its pedestal and waiting for midnight.
  • Gem Assembly Table. A specialized gem crafting table which allow for special crafting recipes based on a main item or schematic.
  • Star-Lighter, Star-Lights and Stardust have been added. Light up your house with novel floating lights used by the gem empire! Stored in the ruins of Stardust Towers found in the Kindergartens.
  • Terracota Statues, found initially on the lunar sea spire, you are able to craft them with terracotta in the Gem Assembly Table

    Updated Content

  • Updated the Old Logs of the ancient explorer.
  • Gem Particles have been updated.
  • The Gem Pad will only open up while looking at a drill block or drillable gem geode.

Hi, I'm having trouble seeing the photos in the description, you should probably look into that :)