Mooshroom Madness!!!

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If you like Mooshrooms, or the colour red and or pink. This is the mod for you.

Please leave feedback on what should be added.


Please note that I could not find a way to upload my crafting Images to this post.


To get to Mooshroom Dimension: Nether Portal made of lapiz blocks and ignite with holy mushroom.

To craft tools and armour: Normal crafting recipies for armour but with Mushroom Ingot same with tools. (Sticks stay the same.)


To get Mushoom Water: Smelt a red mushroom in a furnace.


Mushroom Cookie M= Red mushroom C= Cookie


C  M  = Mushroom Cookie


Holy Mushroom (Used to ignite portal) M= Red Mushroom    D= Diamond     R= Red Wool

RC     M      RC

M       D        M  = Mushroom Machine

RC     M        RC


Mushroom machine   P= Piston      M= Red mushroom    B= Mushroom Block


M   = Mushroom Machine




Mushroom Block    MI= Mushroom Ingot


MI  MI  MI = Mushroom block


Mushroom Ingot = Smelt Mushroom Ore in furnace.


Ice cream (All flavours): I=  (Minty, Lemony, Strawberry or Ice ball) S=Stick

    I       = Ice Cream






1.0: Release


Added IceCream

Added Strawberry Cow

Added Icy Cow

Added Minty Cow

Added Lemonish Cow

Changed biomeOne to BiomeOfCows

Changed Mushroom Dimension's biome type to BiomeOfCows




I currently have no downloads. But I am planning to add in ice cream some how.
Please let me know your opinions.

@#2 I might release that in 1.3, I'll see to it as I have school, homework and also add in things that are relevant to the mod. But I will see, was that even a suggestion?

I love this mod, and there is nothing i could hate about it. just curious, maybe add more cows and ice creams? and maybe add a mushroom gun? i think that would be cool... these are just options, they dont have to be in the next update of the mod.

Hey @Build_It_now9 !
I want to make a mooshroom-like mob, how can I make the mushrooms to back of the mob? So i want to make a custom mooshroom, but i need the mushrooms on the back of the mob. How can I make this? Thx