Useful Bedrock

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This mod adds new items, blocks, armor, a new dimension, mobs, and a lot of crafts. It is advisable to use the Just Enough Items mod to view all the crafts.

To make something out of my mod, first you need to craft an improved diamond pickaxe. This tool is the beginning of the entire mod.

After that, you need to find a fragile bedrock (It will spawn at 2-5 height in the overworld)

And break it with an improved diamond pickaxe. Drops 5-9 particle of bedrock.

From 9 particles of bedrock 2 bedrock chunk is crafted.

And it can be used to craft compressed bedrock.

Compressed bedrock is used for crafting simulated bedrock. From it, you need to build a portal to enter the bedrock world.

When you enter the bedrock world you will need to find the mob bedrock avenger. From it with a small chance drops bedrock heart.

You will need it to craft bedrock core.

As well as bedrock ingot.

Yes, it is very difficult...

But you can craft cool tools and armor!

  • Bedrock sword
  • Bedrock pickaxe
  • Bedrock axe
  • Bedrock shovel
  • Bedrock hoe
  • Bedrock helmet (Gives regeneration 2)
  • Bedrock chestplate (Gives resistance 2)
  • Bedrock leggings (Gives strength 2)
  • Bedrock boots (Gives fire resistance)

Only there is a small minus if you wear at least one of this armor is given a slowness of 1, but this is not critical.


I'm thinking of adding something else in the future. You can Write a comment with criticism and ideas for my mod. (Sorry if I wrote something wrong I'm not Englishman)

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Minecraft Forge mod
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  • Changes in the [Beta version]:

Big changes:

-The durability of the improved diamond pickaxe is reduced from 10 000 to 4 500

-The efficiency of the improved diamond pickaxe is reduced from 90 to 60

-The durability of the fragile bedrock is reduced from 400 to 300

-Crafting 2 chunks of bedrock instead of 1

-Slightly changed the craft of the core of the nether star


Little changes:

Changed textures:

-Bedrock grass on the top and sides (this is almost invisible)

-Improved diamond pickaxe

-Improved diamond

-Bedrock ingot

-Bedrock heart

-Compressed bedrock

-Activator of the bedrock portal

-Bedrock core

-Simulated bedrock

-Bedrock pickaxe

-Bedrock sword

-Bedrock axe

-Bedrock shovel

-Bedrock hoe

-Bedrock helmet

-Bedrock chestplate

-Bedrock leggings

-Bedrock boots

-Bedrock armor on the player

-Fragile bedrock