RBPD (Realistic Blocks Plus Diemension)

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RBPD aka Realistic Blocks + Diemension Modification adds the Real World you you're game, I am not finished with it Sadly but expect Updates!


About RBPD:

I was taking pictures outside with my Phone when i thought "What if.. The real world... was in Minecraft?" and then i decided, "I SHOULD MAKE A MOD" and bam, Theres a mod now. Oh and also i left some unused models in the game, I'f you want to search for it in the JAR file go ahead, and i mean Models, Like JSON Models. Is this 300 Charcters Yet?

Modification files
RealisticBlockPlusDiemensionModRBPD.jar - 1.14.4Uploaded on: 06/29/2020 - 15:38   File size: 2.47 MB
RBPD1.15.5.jar - 1.15.5Uploaded on: 06/30/2020 - 13:40   File size: 3.46 MB

Added Mobs

Bug Fixes

Warning: Made with the MCreator SNAPSHOT.